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Australian firms Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, EY inspire women

 April 30, 2013

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Quotas, targets of chance? That was a recent topic we discussed with some of our talented female candidates. Targets, it was agreed, are necessary if more women are to be recruited and promoted. Meritocracy was desired.
KPMG's Principles and Recommendations on Diversity report sends a strong message to industry about transparency and best practice for gender diversity. The report has grabbed the attention of both industry leaders and laggards.
Professional services firm Deloitte Australia run an "Inspiring Women" program which has positive commercial outcomes when it comes to recruiting, developing and hanging on to their female talent. Deloitte's "Inspiring Women" program was launched in 2004 when 4.5% of their partners were female. In 2012, almost 20% of their partners are female with 36% of a recent intake being female.

"For us, Inspiring Women is not about experimenting with the latest fad. It is about sustained commitment and improved outcomes" said Deloitte Australia's CEO, Giam Swiegers.
Similarly, further leading firms like KPMG, PwC and EY are all market leaders when it comes to award winning gender diversity programs. 

PwC's eQuilibrium program provides women with a fabulous framework to support their aspirations while their "Building Female Leaders" programme for female senior managers and directors brings talented PwC women together to discuss and share specific issues and lays the foundation to help them fulfil their potential
EY's Women with Ambition program along with their market leading resources are living proof of their commitment to women.
So at the end of the day which of the Big 4 firms is truly the "best" firm for women? 

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