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Eaton Centre for Intelligent Power interns work on energy systems

Eaton Centre for Intelligent Power interns work on energy systems

 September 18, 2019

The Centre for Intelligent Power (CIP) is Eaton’s latest addition to their already existing operations in Ireland. As Eaton’s Headquarters are based Dublin and the Irish scene is flourishing with high tech roles - especially in the data science field, it came as a natural decision to place the CIP there. And it is set to grow further. With opportunities from internships to senior engineers, Eaton could be the perfect place for your next career step.

Eaton's team works on exciting projects such as the Power Genome always with the intention to pursue the company's vision: improving the quality of life by making power safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable. Eaton is also embracing diversity as they strongly think this is how innovation emerges. With 30 per cent of female employees and around 15 different nationalities in Eaton House Dublin, different views are certainly encouraged.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Pia and Mudi, two CIP interns from UCD (University College Dublin) before they headed back for their last Master’s year.

Gaining valuable hands on experience

Despite being very different, one is a very active outdoors fanatic who plays hockey while the other is more an indoor person who enjoys cooking and visiting historical places, Pia and Mudi both got to spend six months working in the CIP where they gained some valuable hands on experience.

They worked on the field of energy systems which is going through tremendous changes due to the digitalization of traditional systems currently happening. This is the very aim of the CIP, developing new technologies to make Eaton's assets “smart” by using machine learning and artificial intelligence. As often, with innovative ideas comes challenges and opportunities but the two interns embraced them with their own approach: one by using her structured approached for breaking problems and focusing on smaller milestones, the other by asking questions and for guidance while building her confidence and expertise.

Their day to day work was composed of technical tasks such as working with embedded systems, developing drivers for sensors, coding using C and C++ languages and other hardware and software packages. They also had research related work which consisted of searching of course but also reading, writing and contributing to papers about edge computing and intelligent platforms among others.

Working on an edge computing project

CIP Intern Eaton

The two students worked on an edge computing project. By extending the Power Genome and edge computing, Eaton is investigating how new forms of intelligent sensing approaches can help improve people’s lives

The challenge was that everything was new as they were developing cutting-edge technology. But it was exciting at same time because they got a lot of responsibilities quickly and developed expert knowledge in their field which meant they could contribute as no one else could in the team. Developing complex sensors and drivers was certainly a technical challenge for both of them.

Advice for future CIP interns

Interning at Eaton CIP

If they were to give some advice on how to be successful in the CIP and in Eaton in general, both answered you need to be yourself and have confidence as the unique skillset and approach you bring are valued and welcome. In a nutshell, your individuality is your wealth. There was also a strong sense of empowerment as for them getting involved, asking and learning from those around you is the best way to make the most of the experience.

When asked how they would describe the work environment, aside from the expected (innovative, exciting), both students used the word balanced and added in every aspect of the work and the environment. There was balance between the different tasks to complete, between the challenge and the pressure, within the team, work-life balance was also high. They felt that was the best word to summarize.

Both Pia and Mudi considered their internship at Eaton’s CIP as an invaluable experience. They learnt so much new technical skills through a very hands-on approach but also on the personal level. As they got to learn about what Eaton stands for, the environment, the ethos, they learnt about the type of environment they will be looking for in their own future careers.

Launch an exciting career like Pia and Mudi at Eaton

At Eaton, there are opportunities for interns, university students, experienced professionals and military veterans.

Discover the opportunities waiting for you today and make your next exciting career move.


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