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EMEA Director of Engineering for Eaton, Monika, inspires her team

EMEA Director of Engineering for Eaton, Monika, inspires her team

 September 30, 2019

Monika Czech is Engineering Director EMEA for Eaton and she has a demonstrated history of working in the design and development of transmissions and clutches.

Monika is a mechanical engineering graduate of Gdansk Technical University and has an MBA from Gdansk University.

Based in Poland and a busy mother of two young girls, Monika works hard in her career and hopes to inspire her daughters to become engineers of the future.

Monika shared her career story with Where Women Work.

A day in the life of Monika at Eaton

Monika manages the Engineering R&D team for Eaton in Poland that has global technical responsibility and service for customers. She leads the design and testing for new development and existing products, while also managing budgets and collaborating with colleagues in sales, purchasing and further departments.

“As a leader, I am also responsible for team growth, hiring, coaching and lean engineering within projects and new development, which includes monitoring and executing projects in actual phase to meet organization milestones,” adds Monika. “My biggest responsibility as an engineering manager is to drive the business by leading a team of engineers who I need to inspire and motivate to develop the goals. For this, I require the skills to guide and understand people’s aspirations, and give them the best direction to become a better engineer or even a future engineering manager.”

Monika’s favourite part of her job is working with different cultures in an international environment. “I am also always happy to see how people develop their skills when I can contribute as a coach and mentor,” she adds. “As a manager you have to create a positive, collaborative team culture. I really like to encourage engineers to become better professionals and perhaps leaders one day.”

Describing her team, Monika explains “My team is part of the global engineering organization and all of us are responsible for business growth and product quality. We follow market trends and catch up with growth opportunities in the EMEA region. We must be better than our competitors, think to the future and develop new technologies to be the best on the market. We see that all our competitors are also dynamic and the goal for us as a team is to be faster and better.”

Curiosity and learning are key for an Engineering Manager

Monika notes that the automotive business is very dynamic and changes frequently. This means that a key challenge is to prepare the team for changes and keep morale up.

“My task as a leader is to prepare employees for these inevitable shifts in how things are done,” Monika explains. “You need to keep building the capabilities within the team to prepare them for new product development which includes new technology which Is coming along very fast. The challenge is how to integrate the new technology with your existing platforms.”

When she first came into her position, a challenge for Monika was to build trust and respect with the team. “It was not easy to speak up at times in a room full of men with more experience than you,” she remembers. “I learned that always if you have a question, you should ask, or if you have a suggestion, then you should say something. Curiosity and the ability to learn is extremely important when you are starting in the demanding position like Engineering Manager.”

Don’t be afraid of challenges

For women looking to apply for roles with Eaton, Monika advises that they need to be determined and have a passion for the tasks they are undertaking. “You need to have the drive to achieve the results even when you make mistakes - the smart thing is to know how to take advantage of lessons learned,” she suggests. “I like people who show that they want to grow, who relish opportunities to learn and are not afraid of challenges.”

For those at the beginning of their careers, Monika suggests seeking out mentors and senior engineers within the company and using every opportunity to learn from them. “Mentors who will help and encourage you to pursue your passion are key. In my case, I was lucky to have my father as my mentor. I also had a good manager who was the leader who I aspired to be like. Do what’s in front of you, but always be looking and open to new opportunities,” Monika advises.

Sharing salient engineering career wisdom

At Eaton, Monika has found that everybody is open to sharing opinions and best practices. “The best practice is to send a young employee who has just started on the assembly line and in the test department to see the processes work and to physically touch the products,” she points out. “It is really important to know the product. I spent two weeks on the assembly line and really enjoyed it. It helped a lot later on when I started in a design engineer role.”

With this early-career memory in mind, Monika advises young engineers at Eaton to simply do their job as best as they can - and not to compare themselves to others.

“If you are good, the right people will see that. I’ve always believed that if you do a good job consistently and diligently, growth will follow. You need to be your own advocate for growth and progress in your career path,” she explains. “A key asset is an ability to solve problems. So, I am doing my job as best as I can, and solving issues If they occur.”

Monika, who enjoys spending time with her family when she’s away from the office, concludes by saying she is thrilled to see the number of female engineers increasing year on year.

“What makes me very happy to work for Eaton is the clear diversity in the company,” she states. “We are doing our best with leadership to increase the female engineering population in our team. My company is organizing valuable events which help bring women talent onboard, and I enjoy helping with that.”

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