McDonalds expands European apprenticeship offering

McDonald's expands European apprenticeship offering

 October 17, 2019

McDonald’s is part the European Alliance for Apprenticeships and pledged to offer 43,000 apprenticeships by 2025 in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK.

McDonald’s then expanded the pledge to offer an additional 2,000 apprenticeships in Austria, Denmark, and France, bringing McDonald’s total commitment to 45,000 apprenticeships by 2025.

Well on the way to its exciting goal

McDonald’s is well on its way to achieving this goal. Since announcing the commitment, McDonald’s already offered a significant amount of apprenticeships across the participating markets.

McDonald’s commitment to skills development and providing apprenticeship opportunities for people of all ages is truly impressive. The foundational skills McDonalds is nurturing through their work-based learning programs, such as customer service and planning and organization, are among the most sought-after skills by employers across diverse sectors worldwide. As such, McDonalds is making a significant contribution to increasing the overall employability of thousands of people across Europe with this investment,” said Kathleen Elsig, interim Executive Director of the Global Apprenticeship Network.

Apprenticeship programs at multiple levels

McDonald’s apprenticeship programs are open to everyone regardless of education and experience - because they offer programs at various levels for people of all ages and at all stages of their educational and professional journey.

For example, in the UK, McDonald’s and participating franchisees offer apprenticeship opportunities to both new joiners starting their careers, as well as those already employed looking to further develop their qualifications and professional skills. Current UK apprentices range from 16 to 58 years old and 80 per cent of apprentices are already working for the brand.

Women like Phoebe and Isabelle are growing in confidence at McDonald's

“I used to be really shy but with the apprenticeship my confidence has grown in and out of work. It has been really beneficial and has helped me on my journey. I feel equipped to deal with most situations and I wouldn’t have had that without the apprenticeship,” said Phoebe, an apprentice in the UK.

Restaurant crew and managers who want to further their education and qualifications while at a McDonald’s restaurant can access advanced levels of apprenticeships where available, such as the opportunity to gain a professional degree. McDonald’s delivers these locally relevant apprenticeship schemes with accredited training providers or schools.

McDonald’s apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with formal study, helping apprentices develop a range of business-critical skills, all while earning money at the same time. Having started my career as a McDonald’s restaurant manager assistant, I appreciate the hands-on business management and operational experience I gained, which has helped me progress to where I am today,” said Isabelle Kuster, Managing Director of McDonald’s Austria.

Isabelle shares more about her experiences with McDonald's and her predictions for the future of work in an informative article with Politico. Read her article here

Further your own career with prime employer, McDonald's

McDonald’s has a longstanding commitment to providing training, education, and career opportunities and, as a major employer of young people, believes it has the potential to make a significant global impact. 

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