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Arcadis prepares intern for environmental sustainability career

Arcadis prepares intern for environmental sustainability career

 October 17, 2019

Kate Garmer's time as an Arcadis intern at the USA's Hanover Maryland office provided her with hands-on insight into a career in environmental sustainability. The opportunity was also invaluable to her education and helped her build important skills for the future. 

Kate shares her experience of working for this exciting company.

Working on large and important projects

At Arcadis, Kate worked on a variety of projects and learned about the different roles and responsibilities that went into each initiative. One of the largest projects she worked on was assisting with the development of monitoring reports for several remediation sites.

Her responsibilities included using the field data collected to update the site data tables, redrawing and re-labelling contour diagrams, and updating the progress report text.

"This project allowed me to develop my technical writing skills and apply the analytical skills I have learned in my coursework to real-world projects," says Kate.

Conducting research on coastal resiliency 

Kate also spent a considerable amount of time conducting research on coastal resiliency in one of the East Coast cities in the United States. She reached out to city officials to gather and sort through information in order to understand what had already been done, what was planned for the future, and where Arcadis could possibly get involved.

"This taught me the value of organizing information in a way that’s easily communicable to my coworkers. I also assisted with smaller office tasks from assembling federal subcontracts to sitting in on a proposal strategy meeting," she adds.

Through her Arcadis internship, Kate also connected with the Arlington, VA office and spoke with members of their team who work on resiliency relating to coastlines and water management – issues that happen to be a personal interest of hers.

"I appreciate how Arcadis and my Hanover-based managers supported me to learn about projects Arcadis is involved in outside of the Hanover office, and how employees from different offices all connect to work on a national scale," she explains.

Navigating the corporate environment for the first time

Kate's Arcadis internship also exposed her to navigating a corporate environment for the first time. From training modules that helped her to get up to speed quickly on information and skills that she would need to do her job, to managing her time to meet deadlines for colleagues, to staff meetings and other means for communicating and making decisions – she had many opportunities to develop business and “soft” skills that will benefit her career as much as the technical and scientific knowledge she gains in her course of study.

Thriving in Arcadis' people-focused culture

One of the most enjoyable parts of Kate's internship was experiencing the culture that Arcadis fosters.

"I was impressed that health and safety (H&S) were important corporate values and in the forefront of everything I did, from H&S moments before meetings to reading through H&S sheets before going out in the field," she says.

"This 'People First' mentality was reinforced by these initiatives and carried through to my interactions with my Arcadis coworkers. So many of my coworkers were willing to take the time to sit down with me and talk about their own educational and career experiences, offering me important advice as I move into my second half of undergraduate education."

"I know that the decisions that I will make over the next two years will set me up for future success on a pathway to a career in environmental sustainability. My internship experience at Arcadis has afforded me many opportunities to gain knowledge, insight and experience that have enriched my learning, sparked my curiosity and, I’m certain, will enhance my decision-making in the future," she adds. 

"I would not have traded this internship in Arcadis’ Hanover office for anything. I am very grateful to Arcadis, my managers and co-workers for investing their time and effort in me, making my summer internship fun and rewarding, and supporting the development of the next generation of leaders in sustainability."

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