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Seeking Artificial Intelligence jobs? Hear from the CEO of Exyte

Seeking Artificial Intelligence jobs? Hear from the CEO of Exyte

 October 29, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area that people are excited by and more people are wanting to explore opportunities within the sector. In a LinkedIn article, Exyte's Chief Executive Officer Dr. Wolfgang Buechele offers insight into AI - an area which makes Exyte a truly exciting place to work.

AI: a great space for qualified engineers

"Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword in many industries, promising major competitive advantages by enabling more rationalized, efficient, faster and cost-effective processes. But many people also fear that their jobs could be replaced by AI. That is something that at least highly qualified engineers do not have to worry about," writes Dr. Buechele.

"Usually abbreviated as AI, Artificial Intelligence is the stuff that dreams are made of. It is destined to transform everything in our daily lives - from googling to texting to driving. Actually, just about anything you can think of."

An exciting branch of Computer Science

"Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science that deals with automated intelligent behavior and machine learning. This abstract-sounding discipline holds incredible potential for us as plant engineers when it comes to designing and building high-tech facilities. Our multi-faceted job includes ensuring that the individual systems, subsystems and components of a plant are matched to perfection, that all connecting lines and pipes are exactly the right length without interfering with each other, that we use the most suitable materials for each piece of equipment, and finally that the total energy and resources required to run the plant over its entire lifecycle are as low as possible for optimized, cost-efficient operations," adds Dr. Buechele.

"In order to achieve this, design engineers have to factor in the interactions and effects of a multitude of variables. But even sophisticated design platforms such as tools and databases containing historical data and empirical calculations have their limitations. The problem is that engineers are usually only able to track a limited number of such parameters simultaneously. Conversely, Artificial Intelligence can answer four, five or even more of these questions simultaneously – and with greater speed and accuracy than a human being."

Looking to the digital future

"But should we really be looking forward to a future shaped by AI?" questions Dr. Buechele. "I think so, because AI makes everything more efficient, faster and cheaper. The downside, of course, is that AI will not only make some workers redundant, but also render some professions obsolete."

"Artificial intelligence will admittedly make plant designers redundant in the future, but until the point that machines can teach themselves what they need to know, we will still need many highly qualified engineers for quality control and the development of advanced algorithms and networks. It is well known that new technologies in particular are prone to teething problems. Human brainpower and manual intervention will be mandatory to iron these out, and this will create new jobs in the field of AI," he adds.

Read Dr. Buechele's full article by clicking here

Working in AI with prime employer, Exyte

For women engineers interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Exyte offers many opportunities especially when it comes to running data centres

With a talent force of 5,600, Exyte is a specialist for design, engineering and construction management - making it a very interesting place to work. Exyte delivers high-tech facilities, plants and factories in order to sustainably strengthen the economic success of customers. Its employees enrich the company with a broad spectrum of experience. 

Further or kick-start your AI engineering career

Working with Exyte in AI means joining a global player with a strong local presence, becoming part of a company steeped in history, and being involved in a multicultural company that is connected by common values. 

Search and apply for job opportunities with Exyte today.


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