Diageo apprentices Angela Cochrane, Kirsty Olychick and Rebecca Weir challenge gender stereotypes in the Scotch Whisky industry

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Women apprentices at Diageo crack gender stereotypes

Women apprentices at Diageo crack gender stereotypes

Women considering an apprenticeship, look no further - Diageo has plenty of brilliant career opportunities to work across the business as an apprentice.

Diageo coopering apprentices

Angela Cochrane and Kirsty Olychick are coopering apprentices at Diageo's Cambus Cooperage in Clackmannanshire. Angela and Kirsty are part of team of 16 coopering apprentices who are learning the skills of a cooper over the course of a four-year apprenticeship.

“I researched a bit about the trade online and thought it sounded like a really interesting career option, so I knew I had to go for it. It’s a lot more complex than I thought it would be and I’m knackered when I get in at night but everything from handling the barrels to swinging the hammer is already starting to feel a lot more natural," says Angela. “I’ve never been put off by gender stereotypes. I don’t think that should stop anyone from doing what they want to do. And knowing you’re contributing to the growing whisky industry is an amazing feeling,"


“I’ve always been inspired by the Scotch industry, so it is something I’ve always wanted to be involved in but living in Canada I hadn’t ever been exposed to the coopering craft. Having family members who’d previously completed trade apprenticeships helped give me the confidence to go for it. My dad always told me that if I had an opportunity to get into a trade I should jump on it," adds Kirsty.

“I like the fact that you learn the skill by hand – you get the satisfaction of seeing the job done rather than reading about it in a book."

“Coming into a male-dominated workplace didn’t put me off at all, in fact I found it really empowering to be one of the first women to take up the craft and make my mark in history. It’s such an exciting prospect to think that I’ll be contributing to the next generation of Scotch. You shouldn’t let anything hold you back.”

Apprentices at Diageo have strength, skill, and patience and are passionate about their craft. The skills learned during a Diageo apprenticeship with lay the foundations for a career that will last a lifetime.

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Rebecca Weir, Diageo's first female coppersmith apprentice

Meet Diageo’s first female coppersmith apprentice, Rebecca Weir. Rebecca talks about her apprenticeship at Diageo and why she decided to take up the coppersmith’s hammer and torch.

Working in one of Scotland’s oldest copperworks to produce whisky stills for around 27 of Diageo’s distilleries, Rebecca is learning the ropes from Alec Begg, Senior Charge Hand Coppersmith. Alec and his team will teach her how to hand-beat copper sheets and weld them into whisky stills.

Watch to find out what Rebecca’s role involves and why she enjoys being a female coppersmith.

Keep an eye out for Diageo's apprenticeship opportunities

Diageo is always looking to engage and support young talent coming through. 

If you want a hands-on and immersive experience at a leading beverages company, search for Diageo's  many inspiring career opportunities.


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