Video features comments from high school girls who participated MetLife's Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program

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MetLife Girls Who Code Program participants thrilled with support

MetLife Girls Who Code Program participants thrilled with support

Over the course of the summer, girls interested in pursuing STEM careers and furthering their skills have the chance to participate in MetLife's brilliant Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program.

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit working to close the gender gap in technology. As a sponsor and facilitator of a Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, MetLife offers rising 11th and 12th grade girls immersive computer science instruction. 

Throughout the course of the 7-week Summer Immersion Program, students learn the fundamentals of computer science – from robotics to how to build a webpage – while gaining exposure to the tech industry and mentorship from women working in technology with MetLife. 

A valuable STEM learning experience

In a special video from MetLife, Girls Who Code participants of the program share their experiences and what they've discovered from taking part.

"Girls Who Code is a very, very important program for us young girls because technology is changing every single day and I think it's so important for us as women to be involved in a field that men can be too," says Edilia Bueno, Rising Senior.

"The most shocking thing I've learned is probably how involved women are at MetLife. That's something that I wasn't really expecting because in the technology field, business and mathematics - you don't really see a lot of women at the forefront but MetLife is very integrated with that and they have tons of women," adds Mame Balde, Rising Senior.

"We got to learn so much. We got to meet so many different people and I think the most amazing thing the program offers is that there's so much support from a lot of women in MetLife. They're saying that they're continuing to learn and grow as people, so it was nice to see that, although these are amazing women, they're still growing like I am," comments Lily Nguyen, Rising Senior.

"Certain things like sisterhood and learning how to work in a professional environment with peers, that is a big part that I know I will be able to carry on with me later," adds Honor Pickerling, Rising Senior. 

Make a difference in your career at MetLife

MetLife is always looking for women passionate about changing the tech landscape by making it more inclusive for all.

If you want to make a positive difference in your career, search and apply for jobs at MetLife today.


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