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F5 s inspirational, well-designed workplace is great for employees

F5 's inspirational, well-designed workplace is great for employees

 November 19, 2019

It is common knowledge that an inspirational, well-designed workplace can improve employee satisfaction and, in turn, generate better work output and quality. Prime employer for women, F5 Networks is well-known for its iconic F5 Tower in Seattle with the company even being recognized through awards for the site.

Publications Archinect News and GeekWire have also praised the building in articles describing the structure as a "case study for improving employee satisfaction".

Placing F5ers at the center of design

"When the Seattle-based technology company F5 Networks relocated their headquarters to what was formerly called 'The Mark tower', their goal became to create a new space that places these users at the center of the design," writes Katherine Guimapang for Archinect News.

Kurt Schlosser of GeekWire reports that F5 executives wanted to find ways to improve their employees' commutes to work and their work experiences.

Ana White, F5 Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer is quoted by GeekWire, saying "A lot of employees wanted better commutes, more access to freeways, more access to public transportation, closer access and proximity to different things in the city as well. This tower solved all that."

Among the many exciting features in the building itself are 'internal communicator stairs' created with the help of architecture firm NBBJ. From the 20th floor where F5's offices start, employees can reach the top floor via this sculptural staircase that serves as an 'interaction zone'. GeekWire writes that these stairs aim to connect 'neighborhoods' and feature gathering spaces and conference rooms. 

The staircase spaces are named after famous authors, inventors, musicians and sports figures, and include a 'Hendrix room' and a 'Rowling room'. Meanwhile, a circular design pattern in elevators and the ceilings around elevator banks is designed to mimic champagne bubbles. And in the ground-floor lobby, a striking light fixture changes colors and is programmable depending on events or visitors.

Many more exciting design elements and innovative workspaces at the F5 Tower are explored in GeekWire and Archinect News' articles.

Women at F5 thrive in an inspiring workplace

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