MetLife knows veterans bring a unique skill-set gained from military service including adaptability, leadership, and a can-do mentality

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MetLife values veterans' passion for service and ability to lead

MetLife values veterans as important employees, recognizing their hard-working, motivated and ethical qualities. 

MetLife shared an insightful article about veterans in the workplace and how employers can focus on helping veterans back into civilian life and into the private sector. 

"Veterans bring a unique skill-set gained from their military service, one that usually includes adaptability, leadership, a can-do mentality, and integrity," says Tim McClain, Head of MetLife's Military and Veterans' Affairs Program. 

"We come to the civilian world possessing the characteristics most wanted by employers," adds Tim, a former Army special operations officer and combat veteran. "Whether it's completing boot camp or being deployed, the military impacts a person's character and puts you in a speed cycle for getting ready for corporate life." 

Military veterans are an important resource

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In the video, Erica Langdon, Global Talent Acquisition comments on the positive support between veterans. "To see the camaraderie, to see the veterans supporting each other is fantastic. They play hard, compete, but after the game they shake hands and go back to their conversations."

More than 200,000 U.S. service members return to civilian life every year, writes MetLife. As prospective employees, they leave with varied technical skills from engineering and logistics experience to project management to healthcare certifications. Nearly all veterans have received incredible training and developed traits that lead to success in the private sector. 

In addition to integrity and adaptability, veterans are often quick learners. During their time in the military, most service members learn new skills in challenging environments—and usually under tight deadlines. They're also experienced leaders, adds MetLife, both when it comes to leading peers as well as within organizational hierarchies. 

Finally, veterans also tend to bring a level of discipline to their work that equates to high productivity. 

Read MetLife's full article on veterans in the workplace.

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MetLife knows that veterans have served their country in many honorable acts and their service shouldn't preclude them from employment, but instead, make them much more desirable employees.

MetLife understands what veterans can bring to the table, and values the skills and leadership they bring to the workforce.

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