Women enjoy outstanding benefits at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

Women enjoy outstanding benefits at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

Spirax-Sarco Engineering is a company that has a positive impact on the lives of many people. Companies like Nestlé, Guinness and Dairy Crest rely on its expertise to power and maintain their manufacturing facilities and processes.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering specialises in industrial and commercial steam systems, electrical thermal energy solutions and niche peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies.

With 114 operating units in 62 countries across six continents, Spirax Sarco is an organisation with a global reach - and it's looking for experienced women professionals to join the company.

Work for an inclusive and collaborative company with a strong culture

Employees at Spirax-Sarco Engineering work in an inclusive and collaborative working environment with a brilliant company culture.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering employees are a true reflection of its culture and values of Respect, Integrity, Safety, Collaboration, Customer Focus and Excellence, which provide the foundation upon which the company makes decisions, drives innovation and manages its global operations. The practice of its core values makes Spirax-Sarco Engineering more competitive in the marketplace and a better company to work for.

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Receive great benefits from Spirax-Sarco Engineering

Spirax-Sarco Engineering's people are its most valuable asset, which means looking after their health, well-being and professional development is a key priority for the the company.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering offers fair pay and rewards across the entire business, because rewarding its employees for all their hard work is important. These benefits include holidays; a competitive salary; pension plan; life assurance; training and development; a bonus; and fair parental leave.

Outstanding training and development package

Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ works with employees to make sure they are at the top of their game, which is why it offers an outstanding training and development package to all its employees.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ has 53 training centres worldwide, which are used by both employees and customers. The company also has an extensive e-learning library which contains courses on a wide variety of topics. The Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ Academy also oversees the learning and development programmes of the Spirax-Sarco Engineering Steam Specialties business. The academy provides high-quality learning materials made easily available to all employees, regardless of location or language.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​'s Group Leadership programmes prepare leaders for increasing responsibility and more senior roles within the organisation. Two different internal programmes are offered, focused on middle level managers seen as having strong leadership potential. The company also partners with four of the leading executive education schools around the world (London Business School, Centre for Creative Leadership, Harvard Business School, and the Hult Business School at Ashridge) to offer a variety of programmes to senior leaders. Programmes are selected based on specific talent needs and continuous improvement for senior leaders.

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Encouraging women to pursue engineering careers

Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ is proud of the women who work within its business, and sees each one as inspiring in her own right. Whether her chosen career path is within an analytical role, to marketing or product development, each woman is passionate about her experience in engineering and recognises the opportunities it can present.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering also offers events and schemes to its female employees which highlight the wide array of career paths available within engineering, promote STEM subjects within schools and universities, or raise awareness of female engineers to encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering.

Hear from women who work at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ EHS Manager Jemma Moore discusses her experience at the company, shares her perspective on the industry and reveals who she takes professional inspiration from.

Hear from further women at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

“An engineering background has helped me to better understand our customers' processes and be able to provide the best products and solutions to them," says Teeny, Thailand General Manager at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​.

“My speciality is thermo-fluid-dynamics and modelling, which helps us understand and predict the behavior of steam, but the best part is that what we learn is used to develop new products that save energy and improve safety," adds Sonia, Senior Mechatronics Design Engineer at Spirax-Sarco Engineering.

“I have met so many talented women in engineering, I strongly believe that a diverse workforce greatly strengthens us as a business," explains Maike Nielsen, General Manager Global OEM at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​.

Work for a company that offers outstanding employee support

Recruiting high calibre employees and developing their skills is essential for the long-term sustainability of Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​. Whatever your position within the company, you will be given the support to develop your skills and drive career success.

If you want to join successful women at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​, find out more about its career opportunities and then apply for a job today.


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