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84.51° offers exciting data science career opportunities

84.51° offers exciting data science career opportunities

 January 07, 2020

Women, do you like the idea of becoming a Data Scientist with 84.51°? Working with this prime employer can be extremely rewarding as the company innovatively applies complex data to connect its customers with brands they love.

84.51°'s goal is straightforward: build relationships between people and brands. To do that, the company takes a focused approach to data science — diving deep into complex data and building technology platforms to personalize experiences for each customer in user-friendly ways. 

Entering the next frontier 

There are many talented women in data science at 84.51°, including Data Science Director Jillian Payne who has worked in the industry for many years, and has also spent a lot of time overseeing talent acquisition and development.

Jillian has recently seen her profession shifting and the next frontier is personalizing the customer experience end-to-end. 84.51° is therefore investing in data science tools and talent and this means there are opportunities for skilled job candidates.

Learn how 84.51°'s data scientists deliver best-in-class solutions to impact the customer experience for Kroger shoppers.

Ready for a data science career?

So what does it mean to become a Data Scientist? At 84.51°, its means analyzing data to uncover actionable insights, apply computer programming languages, leverage advanced statistical techniques and much more.

Meanwhile, according to Dice, at its core, data science is all about the actual data; which means that data scientists need to keep in mind where a particular dataset is coming from, if that source is reliable, and whether they have permission to use that data.

In addition to programming languages and an intuitive grasp of data, there are some key skills that any data scientist must master and Dice divides these into three categories.

  • distinguishing skills (advanced skills called for occasionally) that differentiate candidates applying for various roles
  • defining skills are the skills needed for day-to-day tasks in many roles
  • necessary skills are the lowest barrier to entry; they are also skills that are often found in other professions, providing a springboard for people to launch into a data-science career

Jillian elaborates further on the skills specifically within 84.51°'s data science employees, and the attributes the company looks for. She says the company thinks of its science talent in three profiles.

  • insights specialists are experts at getting information out of data. They bring strong business acumen to the table, along with great communication skills
  • statistical learning specialists are knowledgeable about cutting-edge techniques and applications. These are 84.51°'s go-to experts for statistics, model development, and machine learning
  • technologists are experts in building tools (like web apps, containerized services) and automating tasks

"Articulating these three types of data scientist has helped us think more clearly through our hiring process," says Jillian.

Join 84.51 in a data science job role 

84.51° is proud to help drive inclusion for everyone and is always keen to hear from women interested in data technology and innovation.

There is no better time than today to search and apply for an exciting job within data science at 84.51°.


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