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HCL and women leaders discuss tech at World Economic Forum

HCL and women leaders discuss tech at World Economic Forum

 January 20, 2020

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The annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos sees some of the world’s top companies convene to share and exchange insight.

The forum engages political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. At the forum, prime employer HCL Technologies facilitates a number of tech industry experts within its pavilion discussing some very exciting and critical technology topics and trends.

Exciting panel discussions from HCL

As part of #FCDavosDialogues in partnership with Fast Company, executives participate in panels at the HCL Pavilion to explore how technology can shape an age of human-machine harmony in a new digital era.

Jennifer Morgan SAP, Co-CEO of SAP joins the panel for 'CEO, Disrupt Thyself' - a thought-provoking discussion about the role of CEO as disruptor-in-chief.

HCL panellist Jennifer Morgan

Melanie Kalmar, CIO & CDO of Dow Chemical, is part of the digital panel for 'Building Trust' - a compelling conversation on the importance of evolving enterprise culture for the digital economy.

HCL panel Melanie Kalmar

Jane Fraser, President & CEO for Global Consumer Banking is on the panel for 'Banking without borders' - a discussion focusing on the future of financial services in an increasingly 'flat world'.

HCL panel Jane Fraser

An HCL Sports Night, celebrating the inspiring and unifying power of sport, sees Davos attendees hear from adventurer Debra Searle who rowed solo across the Atlantic over three-and-a-half months, and from Karina Hollekim who journeyed back to extreme sports following a near-fatal BASE jump attempt. 

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