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Consider a career with 84.51° as tech jobs enjoy huge growth

Consider a career with 84.51° as tech jobs enjoy huge growth

 January 21, 2020

Did you know that technology is one of the hottest sectors to work in right now? Today could be a really great time to apply for a new job with prime employer 84.51° as data science and software engineering are among the fastest growing jobs at the moment.

With our world becoming more and more digital, LinkedIn took a look at markets to uncover the jobs experiencing the most growth. An article published by Ladders explains the findings.

The fastest growing jobs are:

1. Artificial intelligence specialist

This job has seen 74 per cent annual growth over the past few years. Some of the skills required for those interested in the sector include: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Python, and Natural Language Processing.

2. Robotics engineer

Careers in both software and hardware engineering are booming, seeing 40 per cent annual growth. Engineers at 84.51° use the latest technology to build applications that turn 10 petabytes of customer data into actionable insights for personalizing the customer experience. Some of the skills required for engineering jobs include: Robotic Process Automation, UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere.

3. Data scientist

What does it mean to become a data scientist? At 84.51°, its means analyzing data to uncover actionable insights, apply computer programming languages, leverage advanced statistical techniques and much more. This role is seeing 37 per cent annual growth across all industries, and new data scientist positions are blooming from the evolution of jobs like Statisticians and the increased emphasis on data in research. Amongst the many skills required are: Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, and Apache Spark.

4. Full stack engineer

The rapid change in technology has made full stack developers valuable assets to companies and, since 2015, hiring for this position has increased 35 per cent every year. Skills needed include: React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, AngularJS, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

5. Site reliability engineer

This important role involves ensuring that development and operational processes are running smoothly, and it's growing at 34 per cent annually. Some of the skills required are: Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker Products, and Terraform.

6. Customer success specialist

The 34 per cent annual growth of customer success roles is fueled by the growth of technology services that require hands-on support. The skillset for this role is a hybrid of hard and soft skills.

7. Sales development representative

The continued growth of the Sales Development Representative role - again, 34 per cent annually - comes from explosive growth of technology services that rely on these roles to find new customers. Skills needed include: Salesforce, Cold-Calling, Software as a Service (SaaS), Lead Generation, Sales.

8. Data engineer

The role of the data engineer is seeing 33 per cent annual growth. Data engineers are increasingly expected to have Amazon Web Services as a skill on their resume, as well as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Python, and Extract/Transform/Load (ETL).

9. Behavioral health technician

The behavioral health technician role has increased in demand by 32 per cent annually. Job candidates don't require a degree, but a number of skills and trainings relating to mental welfare and conditions are required.

10. Cybersecurity specialist

Cybersecurtiy continues to boom in line with the boom of technology itself. This important role is seeing 30 per cent annual growth, with multiple skills required relating to Cybersecurity, Information Security, Network Security, and Vulnerability Assessment.

11. Back end developer

Remote opportunities are strong with the back end developer role, as this job can be done from anywhere. The position is seeing 30 per cent annual growth, and skills needed include Node.js, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Git, and MongoDB.

12. Chief revenue officer

Enjoying 28 per cent annual growth, the role of chief revenue officer demands someone able to lead combined strategies as sales and marketing become more intertwined. Among the skills needed are Strategic Partnerships, Start-ups, Software as a Service (SaaS), Go-to-Market Strategy, and Executive Management.

13. Cloud engineer

Many companies couldn't operate without the cloud, so it's no surprising that the role of cloud engineer is seeing 27 per cent annual growth. Skills required include: Amazon Web Services, Cloud Computing, Docker Products, Ansible, and Jenkins.

14. JavaScript developer

JavaScript is among the top five in-demand skills in the software industry right now. For the role of JavaScript developer - which is seeing 25 per cent annual growth - candidates need to know React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

15. Product owner

A great role for people interested in product development who aren't engineers, the product owner position is growing by 24 per cent annually. This role can consist of anything from market research to customer relationship management and requires knowledge of: Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Product Management, Software Development and JIRA.

Read more over at Ladders.

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