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Women at HCL work on projects like tackling food waste via tech

 January 26, 2020

Working for HCL Technologies means working on important issues and projects that have impact on the world - including the important challenge of reducing food waste.

In a video from the 2020 World Economic Forum, HCL Technolgies’ Bona Collins discusses how important the topic of food waste is at present, and how HCL's innovative technology is making a difference.

Bona Collins HCL Technologies

"Each day 35 to 40 per cent of food grown or raised gets wasted, with 60 per cent of the food loss coming from the US and Europe. Over 800 million people still face hunger and malnutrition, while food production has to increase by 60 per cent over the next three decades to end world hunger," says Bona. "Can the reduction of food waste driven by technology contribute to feeding the world?"

"Through image recognition and AI (artificial intelligence), we're making it more possible to accurately measure food wastage and take corrective action," adds Bona.

In the HCL Pavilion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, HCL showcased solutions to minimize food waste. This includes featuring a smart meter kitchen that enables better decision making for chefs.

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