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HCLs Women Lead program supports female corporate talent

HCL's Women Lead program supports female corporate talent

 February 10, 2020

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HCL Technologies describes its Women Lead Australia program as a journey of learning and growing together with some of Australia’s most promising talent. The company was delighted to see the program's latest participants complete their journey though a grand Graduation Ceremony at Melbourne.

"We’re delighted to see our graduates brim with renewed passion and refined skills," HCL stated. "We celebrate their journey so far, and the many things they are sure to achieve post their Graduation Ceremony. It gives us great pride to see the Women Lead program’s graduates nurture the skills required to lead organizations."

HCL Women Lead Australia Graduation

Women Lead is driving change

HCL's Women Lead Australia initiative aims to bridge the gap between the proportion of male and female representatives in corporate leadership.

The program offers a platform where aspiring women executives interact and learn from successful industry leaders. Each chapter of the program has garnered interest from top industry figures, who join the cause to make a substantial and tangible impact on many women's careers.

Enabling a Circle of Influence

HCL Women Lead Australia

HCL believes that women are more likely to progress to higher ranks of leadership if they are adequately represented at the top. To kickstart this change, the company has curated a network through Women Lead - dubbed The Circle of Influence - that includes leaders from renowned agencies to deliver career support, guidance and mentorship to aspiring women leaders.

The Circle of Influence means Women Lead Australia has expanded from being just a mentorship program to a sustainable platform. A platform where HCL builds and engages an alumni group, creates partnerships to provide more opportunities for women and enables a connected ecosystem from which aspiring women leaders can draw learning and insights.

Work for an employer that supports women leaders

HCL is fueled by the courage to take risks, through initiatives like Women Lead, encourages talent to find solutions that touch lives in progressive ways. 

Search and apply for current vacancies with HCL and forge a thriving career in technology.


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