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For IWD, Avon encourages entrepreneur Sixta to #SpeakOut

For IWD, Avon encourages entrepreneur Sixta to #SpeakOut

 March 10, 2020

Ahead of International Women's Day, progressive employer Avon launched a campaign calling on men and women worldwide to #SpeakOut and put an end to pejorative words and phrases used to silence women.

#SpeakOut is a platform for women of all backgrounds to share their stories, celebrate and be inspired by others.

Speak Out

Champion for equality

For its #SpeakOut campaign, Avon also shared the story of Colombian woman and Avon Representative Sixta.

Sixta has always had to fight to make her voice heard and after 30 years of involvement in women’s organisations she has become a champion for equality, fiercely devoted to helping women unlock their potential. 

She has raised her two children, and is now fiercely proud when she hears them talk about her as an entrepreneur and Avon Representative.

Seeking to empower other women

Sixta has been involved in women's organisations for 30 years and, through her work with Avon, seeks to empower women in her area. Her goal is to help women realise that they, too, have the opportunity to be entrepreneurs, to become independent and to make their own decisions.

She said: "One of the biggest challenges we face as women is to make our voices heard. That is why I am proud to be known as an outspoken and joyful woman, who helps others by example. Life has always challenged me, but I have always been a happy woman. I pour love into everything I do and always see opportunities.”

Proud to express her beauty

Sixta believes there are two kinds of beauty: inner beauty – how you feel, and outer beauty – how you express yourself to others.

In her community, she is seen as a cheerful lady, who helps the women around her. She is immensely proud to express her beauty and embrace her culture.

Work for a company that values women

Avon describes itself as "the company for women" and is seeking employees who have the courage to express new ideas and drive innovation.

If you want to pursue a career with Avon, search and apply for the latest job vacancies.


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