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EBRD women celebrated in Trade Finance Global IWD campaign

EBRD women celebrated in Trade Finance Global IWD campaign

 March 12, 2020

For International Women's Day, Trade Finance Global shared the stories of 18 female role models within the trade sector. Two of these role models are enjoying successful careers at the EBRD - Chief Economist Beata Javorcik and Associate Banker Maria Mogilnaya.

They share their thoughts on the trade sector, and how to attract more women to the industry.

Beata: "Don't be afraid to ask for things"

Beata discusses how her childhood in Poland influenced her decision to forge a career in the trade sector, and why it's an exciting time to be in her industry because of the uncertain times our society is in and the importance of trade in times of uncertainty. 

Beata also shared an important message to young women starting out in their careers: "When I started my first job, I believed that good work would be noticed, so there was no need to ask for recognition.  Not to mention that asking for things directly seems like an impolite thing to do," she said.

EBRD Beata

"And then one day the assistant of my boss said to me 'Beata, you get in there and ask for a promotion. All of your male colleagues are doing it'. And she was absolutely right. My advice to young women is: don’t be afraid to ask for things, just do it in a nice way and realize that sometimes the answer will be ‘no’, but this should not discourage you."

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Maria: "I am a strong believer in equal opportunities"

Maria shares how her combined love for economic geography and her feelings of wanderlust led her to a career at the EBRD. She also explains what her role entrails at the EBRD's Trade Facilitation Programme, and how she's still learning something everyday, and why the constant changes happening in trade finance make her career incredibly exciting.

She adds her thoughts on how to attract more women into trade careers: "There are many women in trade finance, especially among the junior and mid-career professionals. Women do enter the trade and trade finance profession but they do not seem to reach the top, which is traditionally dominated by men," she explains

"The question is whether one is aiming for equality of opportunity or equality of outcome. I am a strong believer in equal opportunities – I think the opportunities are there, and there will be even more as trade finance evolves and becomes more digitised and sustainable. In my opinion, it is the most curious and knowledgeable who will rise to the top."

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