Hear from GSK Future Leaders Programme participant Hanan

Hear from GSK Future Leaders Programme participant Hanan

 March 26, 2020

Hanan works as in GSK's Manufacturing Sciences as a Production Supply Lead and is taking part in GSK's Future Leaders program that runs over three years.

Having studied Biomedical Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Hanan knew she wanted to work in pharmaceuticals but didn't know where to start. GSK's programme is working well for her as she is experiencing different areas of the industry on rotation.

Learning what's going on across GSK

"What’s been really interesting is learning what's going on across GSK, with HIV treatment, for example; learning about what's coming next and how we’re introducing new medications but keeping the patient in mind. We always ask ourselves 'What would the patient prefer?' Every medication that we work on, we need to think about the patient," says Hanan.

"Every year, as part of the programme, we have a business event in the UK. We get to talk to some of the pharma supply chain about the projects that they're working on, and meet graduates from the rest of the world. Speaking to graduates from India, Pakistan or Egypt expands your horizons and shows you just how massive a company GSK is."

Core values brought Hanan to GSK

Hanan chose GSK because of the company's core values. "That was my number one thing when I was looking at different companies and GSK was the one I felt the most aligned with. Here, we live our values daily and incorporate them into the decisions we make," she comments. 

"I also looked specifically for a rotational programme because I wanted good experience in a lot of different roles, because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do."

Looking ahead to a great career

"I'm not exactly sure what role I’ll be in in five years, but I'd like to be doing something that I enjoy, still feeling fulfilled and still helping patients," Hanan concludes.

"I’ll definitely still be at GSK, because the company’s values align with what I believe."

Read Hanan's full article. 

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