Capgemini UK helped Senior Business Analyst return to work

Capgemini UK helped Senior Business Analyst return to work

 March 31, 2020

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With the support of Capgemini UK's Returners programme, it is possible to manage a family with a thriving and successful career.

Since its launch a number of years ago, Capgemini's Relaunch@Capgemini programme has provided opportunities to recommence careers after time out to, whether to raise children or otherwise.

The Programme provides:

  • initial 6-month, fixed-term contract with a view to becoming a permanent eployee
  • four Returners coaching sessions over the 6-month period
  • tailored L&D plan devised with the business to support the Returner back in the workforce
  • support network of existing Returners

Krystine Pittman, Senior Business Analyst at Capgemini took a slightly less traditional route and decided to take a career break once her children were already in school.

Krystine shares her Career Returner experience with Where Women Work.

What led you to take a career break?

I took a career break to focus on family. In fact, I did the reverse of what most women do – I stopped working when the children started school rather than going back to work at that time. I participated in their school and after school activities as much as I could - in the classroom, on excursions, class parent representative, and held office on school parent governing bodies. During this time, I also helped my husband run his small IT consultancy, so I was able to keep some of my skills up to date.

How long was your career break?

15 years. I had previously had a successful career working as a consultant with business and IT consultancies, doing work very similar to the work I am doing now with Capgemini.

What factors encouraged you to return to work?

I wanted to return to a career, not just a job, after my youngest child started University. I had always planned to return to my career sometime - but I didn’t want to just return to the workforce, I wanted my career back. So, as my youngest child was nearing the end of her school years, I decided the time was right. But I faced the double issue of not just having had a long career break, I believed I was also a lot older than most applicants would be.

These factors combined to mean that I had very little confidence in my ability to land a position and, more importantly, to do the job to a level I would be happy with. With a break of 15 years I felt this lack of confidence was completely rational but very hard to overcome. Working through this was my biggest challenge.

What was most challenging about returning to work?

I started to attend events for Returners, namely the Women Returners' Conference and four returner events at other organisations. When I attended these, I was worried about being the oldest in the room and the one with the longest career break – many other attendees had only taken an average of 2 years! My confidence started to wane and I began to give up hope when I had some initial setbacks, but I was determined, and I got enough encouragement to persevere. I also spent some time doing some short courses to refresh my skills.

Why did you choose Capgemini as your employer?

I then attended the Capegemini ‘Return@Capgemini’ launch event and I was blown away. I thought ‘That’s the company I want to work for!’. I was really impressed with the senior management briefings and welcome, and the consulting nature of the business was a much closer match to my background than any other returner programme I had come across. There was a Capgemini employee on the panel who spoke of her experience returning to work after a twelve year career break, and I met another attendee of a similar age which was reassuring (she is still at Capgemini now too!).

I applied and was invited in for interview. I remember the day of my interview in London, a glorious summer day and I thought the interview went very well. I emerged from the building on a bit of a high, in time to enjoy the latter part of the RAF centenary flypast overhead. Definitely a day to remember!

How would you describe the transition back to work?

Seamless – so much better than I had expected! Any doubts I had rapidly disappeared as I realised that while the work environment had changed, the fundamentals of the work itself hadn’t. It felt like I had never been away. My confidence was back in no time and as for worrying about my age…well, it just hasn't been a problem! If anything, people assume because of your age that you're quite senior and are respectful, so it can be a good thing! The bottom line is that if you can do the work, it’s actually not an issue. What's really great is that no one knows I am a Returner, unless I tell them – which I think is a positive.

How long have you been at Capgemini now and what has kept you there?

As a returner I have come back to work with a huge sense of commitment and enthusiasm for my work. I have now been here for around 18 months as a Senior Business Analyst and I am aiming for promotion this year. It’s the work I want to be doing, my team is supportive and I’m continually learning. I continue to be impressed with the calibre of people working for Capgemini and I feel very lucky and privileged to be part of that.

What advice would you give for others returning to work after a career break?

The biggest factor is confidence. I asked myself many times ‘Can I do it? Have I left it too late?!’, and even now, I still have the odd bout of imposter syndrome from time to time but who doesn't? But if you can continue to believe in yourself and keep trying – you can definitely do it.

Enjoy a successful return to work with Capgemini

For Capgemini, bringing a Returner like Krystine into the business provides a fresh way of attracting experienced talent that may otherwise have felt unemployable having been away from the workforce for a period of time. It’s a great way for the company to tap into a pool of under-utilised skilled people.

Apply for one of Capgemini's latest opportunities for Returners or if you can't find  a role that suits you, register your interest to keep up-to-date.


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