Medtronic grant helps employees during coronavirus pandemic

Medtronic grant helps employees during coronavirus pandemic

 April 21, 2020

For Medtronic employees such as Candise Greene and Keosha Barnett, the company's support programs have been critical during the coronavirus pandemic.

The women share how their experiences due to Medtronic's support during the pandemic.

Candise appreciates Medtronic's financial support and work flexibility

As a single mom of three, Candise (pictured above) is grateful to receive grant funds to help cover increased costs, while also benefiting from flexible work schedules.

Candise's personal budget was already stretched tight before the pandemic. Then Covid-19 related school closings caused her to miss some work hours as she juggled childcare around her extended family’s availability. 

“Right now, I have more money going out than I have coming in,” said Candise, who also noticed her grocery bills skyrocketing after schools closed. “When the kids are home, they eat a lot. They’re always hungry. They’re always thirsty. So, every day is a struggle.”

Candise received grant funds from the Medtronic Employee Emergency Assistance Fund (MEEAF) to help cover some of her increased grocery costs.

“The fact that we even have these grants in place is a blessing. I’ve never been at a job and felt more appreciated. I love working for Medtronic," she shared.

Keosha is grateful for a helping hand

Single mother Keosha was forced to cut her hours working in a distribution center to care for her three young children, including one son with sickle cell disease.

Medtronic mom Keosha

"School was free, and now I’m paying more than $200 for babysitting every week. Rent is due, my car note is due, and I don’t even have a full week’s check. So, something is going to be behind. It’s really taking a toll on me," Keosha commented.

Keosha said her saving grace has been financial assistance provided by MEEAF. The grant money is helping cover some expenses, including her childcare costs.

“If only you knew — I am so grateful. Every little bit helps. It’s a great opportunity, and you can’t get this from every company you work for," she shared.

Medtronic Employee Emergency Assistance Fund (MEEAF)

MEEAF provides needs-based grants to Medtronic employees who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. The grants are supported by donations from fellow Medtronic employees that are matched dollar-for-dollar by the Medtronic Foundation.

In addition to matching employee donations, the Medtronic Foundation has pledged nearly $1M to MEEAF for Covid-19 assistance. 

Work for a supportive prime employer

Women working for Medtronic will enjoy support from their employer during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

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