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F5 Networks hosts virtual Bring Your Kid to Work Day

F5 Networks hosts virtual Bring Your Kid to Work Day

 April 28, 2020

F5 Networks has been busy thinking up innovative ways to keep employees engaged and interactive with each other whilst working remotely during lockdown.

For example, the company recently hosted a virtual 'Bring Your Kid to Work Day' where colleagues were invited to involve their children in online activities giving them a taste of what life is like working for F5.​​

F5 Bring Your Kids to Work

For the virtual event, F5 employees' children had the opportunity to learn new skills, take part in a Girls Who Code session and play a Minecraft game featuring the F5 Tower, among other activities.

F5 Bring Your Kids to Work

Positive feedback from F5 staff

Many employees flocked to social media to share positive feedback about the event.

Jenn Gile commented: "Props to the many F5 Networks employees who made virtual Bring Your Kid to Work a blast! We loved the exploring the Minecraft F5 Tower and a virtual art activity."

Gee Chow added: "My company is a little extra when it comes to virtual Bring Your Kid to Work day... and we loved it. A team of volunteers made our HQ into a Minecraft world."

Jeff Allrdridge said: "Thank you F5 Networks for hosting a virtual Bring Your Kid to Work Day. My kids love playing in the F5 Tower in Minecraft. They even found my desk!"

F5 Bring Your Kids to Work Day

"Thank you to everyone for joining us virtually for Bring Your Kid To Work Day. It was a packed day of learning and virtual tours, and we wrapped up with a dance party!" F5 shared.

Supporting and inspiring F5ers during the Covid-19 pandemic

F5 kids at work

The virtual Bring Your Kid to Work Day is just one example of how F5 is helping colleagues adapt to working a little differently through Covid-19.

The company's innovative Freedom to Flex program has helped employees transition to working from home

F5 has also published a blog sharing advice to help professionals lead their organizations through the ever-changing impact of the pandemic.

Plus, F5 Senior Solutions Engineer Buu Lam has taken it upon himself to host a daily 'Virtual Happy Hour' where anyone seeking some human contact can enjoy a few laughs, memes and raise a glass together over the internet.

Work for F5 - an employer that appreciates family

Bring Your Kid to Work Day demonstrates how F5 understands employees' family obligations, and extends its support to help make the balance between work and home-life a little easier.

If you want to work for a progressive, forward-thinking company, search for open job roles at F5 today.


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