Watch a virtual tour of Northrop Grumman's OmegA preparation

 May 05, 2020

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OmegA is Northrop Grumman’s new rocket being built for national security missions. The company is in competition with other providers to earn a United States Air Force National Security Space Launch program award to launch critical government satellites and payloads. 

OmegA team members are doing extraordinary work across the country to get ready for first launch in spring of 2021. 

As part of a video series, Northrop Grumman engineer Katie Qian takes viewers on a virtual tour across the U.S. to show what the OmegA team is doing to prepare for the rocket's first launch.

Discover the launch's first and second stages

In the first and second stages, Katie shows how the company manufactures and tests the powerful solid rocket motors for the launch.

Meet OmegA design engineer Jodi

At an early age Jodi developed an interest in aeronautics and aerospace, encapsulated by the thought of going into the unknown and exploring the undiscovered. Now, she is a design engineer for the OmegA rocket in Promontory, Utah. 

Engineer Northrop Grumman

"While we are preparing OmegA to perform critical missions, the rocket is helping me achieve my childhood dreams to explore the unknown, develop something bigger and never stop learning. With such a diverse team and MBSE, we are pushing the boundaries of cost, performance, ride quality and reliability, and learning there is no limit to what we can do," she says.

"Looking back on the second stage test, my butterflies are replaced by pride and gratitude for the opportunities the OmegA team have given an early-career woman in engineering to keep pursuing her dreams."

Work on innovative projects with Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is always looking for motivated, talented women to work on its major security and aerospace projects.

Check out Northrop Grumman's current job vacancies to see how you can become the next trailblazer.


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