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Women are thriving in HCL's innovative ideas-led culture

 May 28, 2020

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Why is working at HCL such a unique experience? 

Innovation is at the core of everything its employees do. It's part of HCL's DNA.

Employees are also empowered to be ideapreneurs, putting them at the forefront of this innovative culture. Employees are encouraged to collaborate with one another and with customers to seed, nurture and harvest ideas.

Find out from three women what it's like to work in HCL's innovative, employee-centric, ideas-based culture. 

Payal Baloni, Manager, Marketing

"What I love about working in HCL is the passion of people around me for the work they do. It's the same passion which inspires me every morning when I come to work. HCL believes in the power of ideas and ideapreneurs and it is this belief which enables us to push the boundaries in whatever field we belong to and do great, groundbreaking work. 

Nora Oconnor, Deputy Manager, HR

"Throughout my tenure in HCL, I have worked with an array of exciting clients on differing projects and have had opportunities to travel globally with HCL meeting excellent HCL ideapreneurs in multiple GEOs. The culture in HCL is "Employee First" centric. We have various Employee First councils which have ignited various opportunities to work with other communities and organizations. HCL is so diverse that I have been fortunate enough to work alongside so many interesting people. Every day is different!"

Anuradha Khosla, Associate Vice President, HR

"My professional career spans to more than two decades, out of which 13 years have been at HCL managing and leading various HR verticals like Talent Development, Diversity, Employee Experience and Engagement. The leaders and peers that I have worked with unconditionally supported me in taking on new responsibilities, learning new things and have helped me grow. It is the opportunities for taking on new challenges and responsibilities that make working here so rewarding. HCL has a pool of diversified workforce generating ideas which make it all the more interesting to work."

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Women at HCL are forging successful careers in an innovative and ideas-led culture.

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