Meet Schneider Electric Project Manager Sarah Bedwell

Meet Schneider Electric Project Manager Sarah Bedwell

 June 09, 2020

For International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) we're profiling some talented women engineers whose careers are truly thriving at Schneider Electric

Meet Sarah Bedwell. She started her career in a coordination role at Schneider Electric. Now, she's a Project Manager in Field Services responsible for a variety of projects.

Find out about Sarah's life at Schneider Electric and how the company has supported her career progression.

What is it like to work in Schneider Electric? 

Working as a Project Manager in Field Services is extremely rewarding as you are embedded in the full life cycle of a project. Day to day it's often fast paced and high pressure but the payoff is building relationships with our customers whilst delivering profitable projects. I run a variety of projects from LV upgrades, to MV and LV on site repairs and breakdowns. I will be the main point of contact for our customers from order acceptance to order delivery.

When and why did you decide to become an engineer?

I joined Schneider Electric after completing a Business Degree in Manchester. I started as a field service coordinator but was attracted to the fast-paced role of a project manager and the ability to really connect with our customers and engineers. After the first year at Schneider Electric I started a BTEC in electrical and electronic engineering to develop my technical skills in order to be in a better position to progress in a project management role in the future. I had already obtained project management skills at university, but my technical knowledge was lacking, and Schneider Electric helped me bridge this gap.

Why Schneider Electric?

For me It's all about Field Services. Schneider Electric gives me the opportunity to work closely with our customers and engineers to deliver an amazing service.

How has Schneider Electric supported your career?

Schneider Electric has given me the opportunity to undertake a technical qualification, which is something I had never considered after undertaking a degree within Business Management.

What has been your most rewarding experience as an engineer?

Over six months I was managing a LV upgrade for a bank. This project was successfully completed during two weekends on site with myself and group of high skilled LV engineers. The customer feedback was fantastic for everyone involved. This was extremely rewarding and my biggest project to date.

What has been challenging as an engineer?  

Initially it was overwhelming moving into a role where there are so many technically experienced people around, when I was not technical or from a technical background. I learnt quickly that our engineers are highly experienced, and their advice is invaluable. Combining this with my own experience was hard at the beginning, but finding the right balance of both was, and is, key to running successful projects.

What's your advice for women interested in engineering?

Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. It is easy to allow insecurities about gender, age or experience level to prevent you from following your passion. It’s about believing in your goals and what you are passionate about. Don't be afraid to ask questions at the risk of looking silly and always listen to the advice of those around you.

Forge an exciting engineering career like Sarah at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric gives women countless opportunities to gain new experiences, learn new skills, and progress in their careers.

If you want to forge a successful career like Sarah, search and apply for a job at Schneider Electric. 


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