Meet Schneider Electric apprentice engineer Tyra Banks

Meet Schneider Electric apprentice engineer Tyra Banks

 June 09, 2020

For International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) we're profiling some talented women engineers whose careers are truly thriving at Schneider Electric

Meet Tyra Banks. She's an Engineering Apprentice at Schneider Electric. She chose to work for the company because of its innovative approach to engineering.

Find out more about an engineering apprenticeship at Schneider Electric and how it has given Tyra insight into various roles of the business.

What is it like to work in Schneider Electric? 

My role currently is as an electrical engineering apprentice. In my role, I move across different areas of the business, spending time in different departments to get an insight of engineering from all perspectives. At present, I am in the Power Product Marketing department, where I am making training material for both internal members of Schneider Electric, such as other apprentices, and external members, including customers.

When and why did you decide to become an engineer?

I decided in my second year of studying at sixth form that I wanted to become an engineer. I had been actively involved in electrical installation due to immediate family members working in the field, and I really enjoyed the work. When it came to decide on a career, I recognised the happiness I felt whilst working in electrical environments where I actively had to problem solve and began researching into electrical engineering careers and apprentice availabilities.

Why Schneider Electric?

I chose Schneider Electric because of their approach to engineering: the company, if I could describe it in a single word, is innovative and has a genuine curiosity and eagerness in this ever-changing field, always wanting to move forward.

How has Schneider Electric supported your career?

Schneider Electric has supported my career by making me aware of all opportunities of progression within the company that are available to me, this including further educational opportunities, such as completing HNC and HND qualifications, and career options after completing my current role as an apprentice.

What has been your career path up to today?

Within Schneider Electric, my career has consisted solely of my apprenticeship in electrical engineering. So far, I have spent time in the technical support department, the customer care centre, power product marketing and the credit control department.

How has flexibility supported your career choices and options?

As said previously, my role is adapting constantly by spending time in different departments and it is this adaptation and flexibility that Schneider Electric has offered that helps me get the best insight of the careers offered in the company as I get first-hand experience of many of the roles offered in Schneider Electric.

What has been your most rewarding experience as an engineer?

The most rewarding experiences as an engineering apprentice have been instances where I have visited schools or operated a stand at career fairs where I could talk to people who want a career in engineering about my role and engineering and how they can get started in the field too. These are rewarding experiences to me because I get to introduce them to opportunities in the engineering industry and to share my experiences.

What has been challenging as an engineer?  

The most challenging experience has been building a good relationship with customers; while in departments such as the technical support department, I had to learn how to effectively communicate with customers and to confidently do so.

What's your advice for women interested in engineering?

My only advice for other women wanting to join the engineering industry is to be confident in yourself and your career choice, and to not let the comments and opinions of others discourage you from choosing to become an engineer.

Who has been your greatest support at Schneider Electric?

My greatest support in my career at Schneider Electric has been my mentor. Having a mentor system has been incredibly beneficial as it gives a great level of support and reassurance. He always ensures I am happy in my role and if there is anything that himself and others could do to improve working life. He also offers support in other areas such as working towards my qualification in engineering by frequently checking in on my college experiences and offering advice on how to balance tasks I have in my job role as well as work for my qualification.

Start your career as an engineering apprentice at Schneider Electric

An apprenticeship at Schneider Electric is full of rewarding experiences that will help develop your engineering career.

Search and apply for a job with Schneider Electric and work alongside ambitious women like Tyra.


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