Business Charity Award for Capgemini Code Your Future

Business Charity Award for Capgemini Code Your Future

 June 09, 2020

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Congratulations to Capgemini UK following the Capgemini Coding Academy, run in partnership with Code Your Future, being chosen as Project of the Year in the UK Business Charity Awards.

The academy is a tech skills programme for refugees and people from disadvantaged communities, which aims to help ‘fast track' participants into employment.

UK Business Charity Awards judge, Alex Ruddock West, said she was impressed by Capgemini's programme. 

“It’s great to read that Capgemini is supporting participants by nurturing them beyond tech, including personal mentors and the removal of personal barriers,” said Alex. “The successes of the programme have been clearly measured and it’s generated some impressive results. It would be interesting to know if tech sector opportunities for minority groups have increased as a result of this project.”

Helping students prepare for employment

"This partnership has become much more than a corporate programme measuring numbers ‘in and out’, trained with the skills for work.  It’s already gone way beyond this as I, and other volunteers build relationships with the students, we are learning to ‘stand in their shoes’, helping them translate what they are learning to prepare for employment in a large organisation like Capgemini. We already have a stake in their futures. It’s been a learning journey for us all," says Capgemini Head of Digital Inclusion Sally Caughey.

"We are all human. We all benefit from belonging. Fear of failure is the biggest barrier to learning – to learn we must believe we can. The support network nurtured by Code Your Future, students and volunteers alike, re-instates belief. I am looking forward to what more we will all learn as we roll out this programme."

An opportunity to make a dream come true

For graduates of CodeYourFuture, the program is an opportunity to make a dream come true.

Read about Madiha Khan who now has a career in coding with Capgemini. “Before I started CodeYourFuture, I was struggling financially,” she says. “Although I had a technical background in Pakistan, I’d been away from the industry for a long time and couldn’t find a way to pursue a career in coding. When I came across CodeYourFuture, I realized it could be my chance.”

“The support we got from the Capgemini volunteers was incredible,” says Madiha. “They help you all the way and give lots of their own time. It made me want to complete the course even more because I didn’t want to let them down.”

Make a difference in your career at Capgemini 

Capgemini empowers its people to make a difference through initiatives such as Code Your Future.

If you have a passion for innovation and want to make an impact through your work, search and apply for a job at Capgemini.


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