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Eaton VP of Finance Christina Bosserd embraces change

Eaton VP of Finance Christina Bosserd embraces change

 June 09, 2020

Vice President of Finance at Eaton, Christina Bosserd, discusses her Eaton's commitment to diversity and inclusion and her own passion for forging change.

Christina joined Eaton as a participant in the company's Leadership Development Program and has held various roles within finance. Prior to her current role, she was the group controller for Eaton’s Aerospace Group responsible for financial planning and analysis for the business. 

Christina is a member of Eaton's Women Adding Value at Eaton (WAVE) Inclusion Eaton Resource Group (iERG) - an iERG dedicated to supporting and encouraging women, and ENGAGE, a millennial-centric network.

Great D&I support at Eaton

“My belief is that the hearts and minds of people have to be changed in order to make a difference in D&I (diversity and inclusion). To do this, you must get to know people on a deeper level, understand their pasts, including challenges or defeats, and learn how we can use our platform to make a difference," Christina told Fairy God Boss. 

"And D&I support at Eaton goes both ways, with identifying members and allies participating in groups like Eaton PRIDE, #VAMOS!, enABLE and more. In fact, more than 30% of WAVE members are male allies,” she adds.

"Being involved in Eaton’s WAVE ERG has allowed me to develop relationships with people I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to interact with. I now call these people friends. In addition, active participation has provided me opportunities to influence the direction of the future of D&I within Eaton."

Growing up with a passion for inclusion and diversity 

Christina says that, growing up, her parents really taught her to value people as human beings and appreciate their differences. As she became a leader within Eaton, the passion around her for inclusion and diversity was contagious, and it inspired her to lead others to appreciate differences. 

"As an Eaton leader once said, our privilege gives us a voice others don’t have. The privilege I have to lead the finance function at Eaton gives me a unique voice to make a difference in the lives of those around me, which is a responsibility I don’t take lightly," she explains. 

"The WAVE organization and its members have been instrumental in key accomplishments like reframing our parental leave policies, championing the implementation of flexible work solutions and being allies to other ERGs as they ramp up. Overall, the impact of this organization is felt by many inside Eaton and continues to have a legacy."

Use your privilege for good

Christina believes that each individual is given the privilege of being in unique roles throughout Eaton, no matter the level in the organization. This exposure gives everyone a sphere of influence to stand up for others around them.

"We have a voice others may not have yet and we should always seek out opportunities to stand up and do good for others in every situation," she says. "Help remove barriers and accelerate others. If you have the opportunity to be a leader in your organization – you should always seek to remove barriers for others to excel and look for ways to accelerate talent. Always ask yourself: Who am I mentoring? How can I help shape them into the next generation leader? Are they diverse? If no one today, look for someone to develop that relationship with going forward."

Christina's parting words are a call to everyone to make diversity and inclusion part of their everyday life: "If you have an opportunity to be involved in an ERG at your company, mentor diverse talent or stand up for someone — do it."

Read Christina's full interview with Fairy God Boss.

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