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These three HCL women are working to make a difference

These three HCL women are working to make a difference

 June 18, 2020

HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. Within HCL there are many women engineers working to support customers and deliver important outcomes.

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), Where Women Work meets HCL's Akshaya Gopalakrishnan, Sanober Ansari and Sreemeenakshi Ravichandran.

Meet HCL’s Akshaya Gopalakrishnan

Akshaya (pictured above) works as a member of HCL’s technical staff as a Content Editor. She lives in Madurai in India and focuses on HCL client Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) in the pharmaceutical sector.

Akshaya was always attracted to studying and working in an engineering field. She says that the dynamics of science and math, and the evolution of impressive technology, created an early fascination for her around engineering.

“For me, the main ideology for my work is to be able to see and be involved with the very technology that I see around me,” explains Akshaya who commenced her career as an Assistant System Engineer.

Attracted to work for HCL due to its strong focus on recognizing good talent, plus the company’s seamless work-life balance culture, Akshaya feels she benefits from the man opportunities she is presented with to explore her strengths and to continuously learn and build upon her potential.

Some of Akshaya’s key engineering work has includes aspects like process optimization, dashboards and Excel automation dynamics, and infusing technical objectives with engaging and informative content and then checking for correctness and accuracy.

Akshaya believes her work may take her into the area of exploring the conflation between content and automation – an exciting avenue indeed.

Seeking to be a successful and aspiring leader, Akshaya suggests to other budding women engineers that they should look forward to securing a career where they can learn and apply everything they have learnt in engineering. “Engineering is all around us,” remarks Akshaya. “Take clues. Do your research. Know the process. Then engineering can be a piece of cake!”

Akshaya reflects on working through the COVID pandemic and suggests it was certainly a new learning experience. “I saw the pandemic as an opportunity to expand my knowledge curve. Everything became virtual in just a snap and was quite difficult to adopt for a first few days, but then everything started to fall into place and there was time to develop my further knowledge and upskill. We can always unleash new skills, take up new tasks, identify our passions, and harness the best of ourselves.”

Meet HCL’s Sanober Ansari

HCL Sanober

Sanober is a Research and Development Engineer for medical devices, in particular intravenous catheters. She supports HCL client Becton Dickinson (BD) in the USA while living in Chennai in India. She is fuelled by a strong desire to solve any problem with a practical approach – and eventually wants to become the owner of a company that creates never-seen engineering wonders.

Her work has seen her convert voice-of-the-customer (VOC) complaints into new product development with advanced improvements. She has in fact helped launch three new products for BD’s catheters such as BD’s IAG BC Pro catheters that eliminate the need to apply venous compression during insertion.

Sanober feels rewarded working on the design and development of products that solve problems for clinicians, doctors and nurses. “I feel proud that my work helps to save lives,” says Sanober. “I feel rewarded that through my work I can help provide impressive and innovative tools that can impact people’s lives.” Sanober says she’s constantly impressed by HCL’s approach to supporting employee wholeness and to putting employee happiness first.

And when it comes to advice for women considering engineering careers, Sanober suggests to “follow your passion, because you can create real miracles through engineering.”

Meet HCL’s Sreemeenakshi Ravichandran

HCL Shreemeenakshi

Sreemeenakshi also works with HCL client Becton Dickinson (BD) and lives in Madurai in India.

Her work as a Technical Documentation Lead sees her innovating across a range of areas. Impressed with HCL’s innovative work culture, her passion lies in designing solutions and optimizing software.

Keen to progress to a leadership position within HCL, Sreemeenakshi describes herself as someone who is curious and likes to explore.

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