Amazon employees Aisha Suleiman and Rashada Harry make EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model List due to contributions to workplace inclusion

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Amazon women named Ethnic Minority Role Models

Amazon women named Ethnic Minority Role Models

 June 18, 2020

Two Amazon women, Aisha Suleiman and Rashada Harry, have been celebrated on EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists.

The EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders lists celebrates inspirational people of colour who are not at senior level but are making important contributions to ethnic minority people in the workplace.

Those on the list were nominated by peers and employees. Nominations were reviewed by EMpower’s judging panel, which included head of Yahoo Finance UK Lianna Brinded. The panel rated nominees on: the influence of their role; their impact on ethnic minority inclusion inside and outside the workplace; and their business achievements.

Celebrating the achievements of Aisha and Rashada

Aisha Suleiman (pictured below) is Executive Board Lead of Amazon’s Black Employee Network in the UK, as well as Program Manager with AWS Educate.

Amazon Aisha

As the Executive Board Lead of Amazon’s Black Employee Network in the UK, Aisha champions the diverse perspectives of people of African and Caribbean descent. Through this network, Aisha has promoted the importance of Black History Month at Amazon in the UK, developed a professional development program for members and worked with the Alexa team to develop utterances of ancient African and Caribbean figures.

In Aisha’s role as Education Program Manager, she works with institutions in EMEA to promote learning cloud computing skills at no-cost through AWS Educate. Aisha is an advocate for gender equality. She launched a website last year - The World in Her Words. The World in Her Words inspires women to curate their careers, cultivate confidence and build balanced relationships through stories.

Rashada Harry (pictured below) co-leads Women@AWS in the UK and sits on the advisory board of the Black Employee Network at Amazon. 

Rashada Harry Amazon

“Those on the EMpower Senior Executive List are leading by example and blazing a trail for others to follow,” says Suki Sandhu, CEO and founder of INvolve. “They have not only achieved success in their own careers but have made it their mission to make change real happen within their own organisations and across wider society.” 

Join inspirational female role models at Amazon

Amazon creates an inclusive culture where women like Aisha and Rashada can be themselves at work and make a difference in their careers.

If you want to thrive in your career, search and apply for a job at Amazon.


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