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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2020

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2020

 June 23, 2020

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At Where Women Work we actively support International Women in Engineering Day 2020 (INWED) each year, so we're celebrating women engineers who #ShapeTheWorld and applauding the progressive employers who actively support their career development.

Here are some fabulous articles showcasing the exciting work of women engineers, describing the work they do, and outlining how their employers encourage and support their development.

Be inspired to think about your own engineering career and which employers could be best for you.

Learn more about engineering and meet some trailblazing women 

From engineering graduates to senior career professionals, the work of women engineers is inspiring and the profession is exciting.  

Inspired to forge your own engineering career further?

Research the types of engineering roles prime employers for women recruit for and see where your strengths and interests might take you.


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