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Arcadis engineer Chrysa Gotsopoulou designs for the future

Arcadis engineer Chrysa Gotsopoulou designs for the future

 June 22, 2020

Working at Arcadis, a leading global design and consultancy firm for natural and built assets, means you're driven by a passion for improving quality of life. Engineers are key to problem solving and innovation - and key to creating a better environment where people can live, work and thrive.

Arcadis has many talented women engineers dedicated to improving quality of life and who help develop innovative solutions to create liveable cities, establish people-centric future of mobility, and transform industries. 

For International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), Where Women Work meets Senior Engineer Chrysa Gotsopoulou who works within the Arcadis Highways team in Birmingham in the UK.

Chrysa helps produce a range of engineering solutions related to the design of new roads, cycleways, footways or improvements of existing infrastructure. She is currently working for HS2 and leads a team of design engineers and technicians in the UK and India. HS2 a state-of-the-art, high-speed line critical for the UK's low carbon transport future and will provide much-needed rail capacity across the country. She is responsible for resolving technical issues and coordinating activity required to produce various engineering deliverables. A major part of her role sees her mentoring junior members of her team and supporting their professional and personal development at Arcadis.

IMAGE: HS2 high speed railway will link the UK's London, Midlands and North, serving eight of Britain’s 10 largest cities.

Early career aspirations to be an engineer

Chrysa decided to become an engineer when she was 12 years old. Her role model at the time was her uncle, a civil engineer who specialised in buildings construction. Chrysa admired his ability to come up with innovative ideas to create value for his clients, as well as his own family, so she decided to become a civil engineer also.

"As an engineer I feel that I ‘Shape the World’ every day through the projects I'm involved with, the decisions I make, and the solutions I develop. There is always a solution to every problem and as an engineer I get the chance to develop these solutions and ultimately improve people’s quality of life by improving road safety, promoting active travel and sustainability via the design of cycleways and footways. Designing for current and future autonomous vehicles is a real-world example of how I shape the world every day through my job," explains Chrysa.

Chrysa was highly motivated to join Arcadis

Chrysa chose to work for Arcadis due to its impressive reputation in focusing on innovation and sustainability and in taking care of its workforce. Years later, Chrysa still feels like the reasons she chose to work for Arcadis are still valid. "Every day I bring my whole self at work and I collaborate with amazing people who are different in so many ways and they bring their whole selves to work also. Together we explore unknown paths, we challenge each other’s ideas, we produce innovative solutions and, ultimately, we learn and improve," she says.

Forging flexible ways of working 

Arcadis - work from home

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, Chrysa used to work five days per week at the office so she needed to adapt to work from home and this proved somewhat of a challenge. "My involvement in a big and multidisciplinary project such as HS2 involved liaising with people of other disciplines and meeting the client and stakeholders on a regular basis. Arcadis’ focus on digitalisation and innovation, however, has enabled a smooth transition to the new normal by using technology such as Microsoft Teams and BIM solutions for collaboration with both colleagues and clients," explains Chrysa.

"Arcadis is living by its people first value and so far this a reality for all of us. Mental health support is available to all Arcadians through Mental Health First Aiders and via our insurance we have 24/7 online GP services available. From day one of the lockdown period, daily well-being calls were arranged by senior leadership to support each other alongside virtual social events and quizzes. Employees were sent facemasks to their home address for protection as lockdown restrictions ease and become essential on public transport."

Advice to women considering working for Arcadis

When asked about her advice for further women engineers considering applying for a job with Arcadis, Chrysa suggests a passion for all things digital is key. "Get ready to be digital," she remarks. "Expedition DNA is a great example of the opportunities provided by Arcadis to develop or expand digital capabilities and stand out from our competitors. We embrace change and look to the future, producing innovation across our products and services. As a company, integrity and honesty are key attributes we look for in future Arcadians. In my team, requesting and providing constructive feedback is one of our greatest keys to success."

Chrysa provides some further advice to young women interested in STEM but unsure of the available career opportunities. "Speak with other women who hold relevant engineering positions and look for some role models within the industry. I was lucky enough to have a great female technical manager when I started my career and she became my role model and inspired me to find my own path within engineering sector. There are many career opportunities available and companies often host a range of STEM events to help inform and attract new talent into the engineering industry."

Consider an engineering career with Arcadis

Inspired by Chrsya's passion for engineering and her satisfaction with her employer, Arcadis?

Learn about some of the mega trends shaping society and shifting the competitive engineering landscape, then research latest job vacancies with Arcadis to learn more about the types of engineering roles they recruit for. 

The challenges our world faces are getting more complex, more challenging - and Arcadis is helping solve them, bringing together incredible minds, different approaches and bright thinking. And as they grow, they need the best talent.

Even if they don’t have the perfect role for you at Arcadis today, they are always interested in hearing from people who match their ambition, drive and values - so join the Arcadis Talent Community to keep informed about new job opportunities and developments at Arcadis.

So don't delay, transform your world and join Arcadis for a rewarding career as an engineer, or via a wide range of further career opportunities


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