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Avon stands together with those committed to equality and justice

Avon stands together with those committed to equality and justice

 June 23, 2020

Avon released a powerful statement that openly reinforced their support for standing together with those committed to equality and justice.

Avon believes in the value of life and the need for change

"At Avon, along with everyone at Natura &Co, we strongly believe in the value of life, the idea that all are interconnected, and as society we can and should be agents of change. We have seen the ongoing acts of racism and intolerance, leading most recently to the deaths in Brazil and in the USA with many countries showing support with demonstrations and protests," the statement read.

"We stand together with those who are committed to equality and justice. We stand by basic human rights and more than ever all humankind believing that all forms of racism and discrimination must end. We also acknowledge that we can and should do more ourselves."

"We must work together, society, governments, private and public sectors with leaders engaging in a constructive way, to show compassion and empathy, to search for healing versus division and to invite all stakeholders for dialogue and to practice it. Our collective voices, still amid a Global Pandemic, are calling for a fairer world for all, without regard to race, color or background."

Be part of a company that is calling for change

Avon is more than just a beauty brand. It is a company that is working to create a fairer, more equal world for everyone.

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