Luxembourg-based Recruitment Coordinator Lead and mother of two, Cynthia Secci shares how Amazon helped her adapt to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Amazon helped employee Cynthia adapt to remote working

Amazon helped employee Cynthia adapt to remote working

 July 07, 2020

The transition to working from home is a challenge especially as there is no boundaries between the personal space and the professional one. The new change to working remotely is especially difficult for parents, who also need to take care of their children.

Amazon sees this as one of the most rewarding transitions that allows more flexibility and be closer to home while developing your career as well. How can parents remain calm while balancing life and work? Amazon interviewed Cynthia Secci, who shares her remote working experience and discusses how Amazon has supported her.

Changing to remote working

Cynthia is a Recruitment Coordinator Lead based in Luxembourg. Although she works from the Luxembourg Hub, she lives 40 km away from the office in France with her husband and children, aged 19 and 16. When asked whether she enjoys working from home, she shares, “I enjoy remote work because the commute time from my home to the office is quite long. I can easily convert the 3 hour commute in quality time for myself and my family.”

Helping her family adapt

Apart from being on all fronts, home schooling has been quite hectic for the family. Her children were not prepared to work on their own and needed to use digital tools that were unfamiliar.

“We have had a lot of discussions to explain the dangers of COVID-19, the importance of social distancing, and so on. My son is also very active and play basketball on a regular basis, so it has been a tough time for him as well to not be able to play anymore”, she shares.

Amazon remote working

Creating a healthy balance

On the professional front, Cynthia found that her productivity was not impaired nor impacted much.

Creating the balance between her personal and professional life is important as well as taking regular breaks during the day. 

Appreciating the flexibility

Cynthia also feels proud to work for a company like Amazon that gives its employees flexibility and ownership in their work.

"The messages from our leaders and the remote working tips we receive on a regular basis helps me feel supported and comfortable in this new way of working. COVID-19 has been a very stressful time for me; I was anxious to adapt to our new ways of working and taking public transportation to go to the office," she emphasizes.

"Working from home helped me feel secured, safe and reduced my fear. I am also extremely happy to see how we work together as a team and as a company remotely over the last few months. No one was prepared for this pandemic, but the way we have adapted our working styles to it makes me very proud to work for Amazon.”

Advice for fellow parents

Amazon asked Cynthia whether she had any tips for parents working from home in order to balance their professional and personal lives. She emphasizes that, individuals, regardless of whether they are parents or not, should ensure that they make time for everything.

And in terms of what Cynthia misses from the pre-lockdown period, she said: “One thing I already miss is the time I spent with my son outdoors. We enjoyed walking and working out together.”

“Time is flying and teenagers are slowly standing out from their parents," she adds. "These last few months that we have spent together as a family have been really rewarding. It almost felt like time had slowed down and that I had the chance to appreciate these moments together as well."

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