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F5 CEO discusses equality and a human-centric culture

F5 CEO discusses equality and a human-centric culture

 July 14, 2020

As part of cloud company Gainsight's Humanfirst CEO series, François Locoh-Donou, CEO of F5 Networks, discussed how F5 adopts a human approach to all its stakeholders.

François discussed specific and tangible actions people can take to value and embrace diversity and inclusion.

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From cyber security to digital transformation

In the live video discussion via LinkedIn hosted by Nick Mehta, a F5 Board Member and CEO of Gainsight, François also spoke about a range of technology topics including cyber security; automation; digital transformation; and creating better digital experiences for customers. 

He also discussed the human factors regarding technology, including questioning our own blindspots when it comes to bias. 

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A company that puts people first 

François emphasized that F5 is more than just a technology company, it is also a 'human' company.

As part of its human-centric approach to business, François explains that F5 wants to ensure all employees can be their true selves at work, a culture created through initiatives such as its inclusion groups

"Authenticity will be celebrated at F5," said François to Nick in the video chat.

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François also discussed how F5 enables people to change the world through volunteering their time and their skills

"I want F5 to be a place that doesn't get in the way of people living their passions but is actually a platform that helps them to live their passions," he said. "Everywhere where F5 operates, we give employees the opportunity to show up in that community and make a difference in an area that they are passionate about." 

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Furthermore, François explains how F5 has maintained this human-centric culture during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For François, working from home takes away a whole level of hierarchy because everyone is in the same environment - at home, and appearing on a screen. Plus, with video calls being interrupted by family members, remote working shows that all employees are facing the same human challenges of balancing personal and professional lives during a time of crisis.

"As a result, it has brought us together," he adds, "perhaps more than we were before."

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Listen to the full discussion.

Work for a human-centric company

F5 is a company that values its employees and what makes them different.

Above all, F5 makes sure that people are at the heart of its company - for employees, customers and the wider community in which it operates.

Connect with these values?

Then search and apply for a rewarding job with leading employer F5.



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