Medtronic hosts engaging Day of Action for Racial Equity Progress

Medtronic hosts engaging Day of Action for Racial Equity Progress

 July 30, 2020

Inclusive employer, Medtronic, is committed to racial equity and believes in the transformative power of education and healthcare access to reduce disparities.

As part of its commitment, Medtronic hosted an impressive company-wide Day of Action for Racial Equity Progress.

Medtronic's Day of Action focused on learning, giving and volunteering in order to help raise awareness about racial equality and action to forge diversity and inclusion.

CEO Geoff Martha reinforces commitment and support 

Geoff Martha, CEO of Medtronic, reinforced his commitment to forging inclusion and diversity. 

"Was moved by yesterday's Medtronic Day of Action for Racial Equity programming. Thank you to our employees for raising your hands & pushing for meaningful change. To lead in this space requires unwavering focus & dedication on inclusion & diversity -- let’s keep going!" tweeted Medtronic CEO, Geoff Martha.

Exploring racial equality and inclusive action

To support Medtronic's Day of Action for Racial Equity Progress, the company hosted Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Mary Winters, CEO of The Winters Group and author of books including 'We Can't Talk About That at Work!' and 'Inclusion Starts With I.'

Mary discussed race and why it’s so hard to talk about. She also discussed issues regarding the current racial climate and provided historical context and background regarding equality. Additionally, Mary spoke about the importance of inclusive language and provided pragmatic actions for change.

“I am a passionate advocate for justice and equity; a provocateur not afraid to have the difficult conversations; someone with over three decades of experience working with corporate leaders in support of enhancing their understanding of what it is like to be the “other.” I Live Inclusively® by building relationships across difference - thinking about what I say, do and think and questioning whether it fosters inclusion. I say hello to strangers, assume positive intent and believe my purpose on earth is to break down barriers and build bridges across difference,” says Mary.

Medtronic - Geoff Martha - Racial equality

Employee support for advancing racial equity

The company's 90,000 Medtronic employees worldwide are being provided with a menu of opportunities to learn more about advancing racial equity, chances to virtually volunteer and options to support non-profit organizations responding to social justice and racial disparities in Black communities. The Medtronic Foundation is matching 2:1 Medtronic employee and retiree donations to nonprofit organizations including social justice organizations of their choosing to deepen the impact of those donations.

Recently, the Medtronic Foundation pledged $16M in multi-year commitments to support Black communities in the US.

Medtronic equality

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