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Priyanka embodies the HCL culture of ideapreneurship

Priyanka embodies the HCL culture of ideapreneurship

 September 02, 2020

Do you know how it feels to have your independence compromised and to struggle to earn it back?

Meet Priyanka Srivastava at HCL. She is a happy mother of two, and wife to a loving husband. 

Physical limitation affected Priyanka's independence but couldn’t take away her passion for life. Today, her successful career is a brilliant example for others.

A passion for life and success

After an unfortunate incident, Priyanka became wheelchair-bound, but her passion for life gave her the motivation to support her family as well as to pursue her dreams. Today, her 14 years of work experience across organizations is a testament to her success. 

Embodying ideapreneurship

During her journey with HCL, she has perfectly embodied the ideapreneurship culture while working as a Project Management executive, and has already won multiple accolades: one Silver Club Membership Certificate, and two WYGIWYG Certificates of Appreciation.

She is a role model not just for the differently-abled but for everyone. She reckons the PWD-friendly infrastructure at HCL never made her realize her physical limitations.

HCL is proud that she has made her uniqueness her power.

Work for a company that values difference 

HCL values its employees for their uniqueness and the different contributions they bring to the company.

If you have something valuable to contribute, search and apply for a job with HCL.


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