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HCLs Amena overcame disability challenges for career success

HCL's Amena overcame disability challenges for career success

 October 15, 2020

Visual impairment couldn't deter HCL employee Amena from chasing her dreams and making them come true.

Her blazing milestones make her a shining example to others with disabilities.

Her inspirational story sees her defy all odds to forge a successful career.

Academic success achieved with family and technological support 

Born with visual impairment, no school was willing to give Amena admission but, thanks to her parents' support, she studied in an integrated school.

The major turning point in her life was discovering a computer screen reader that not only enabled her to be independent but also helped her to thrive academically.

After achieving Grade 12, she completed her graduation in B. Com. Honors, and was the university leader in MBA for which she was awarded the prestigious “Krishna Kumari Memorial Award”. 

A career in the accessibility testing of technology products

Today, Amena is an ideapreneur and successful Accessibility Engineer at HCL  and is well versed in the accessibility testing of diverse technology products.

She believes that HCL’s inclusive work culture has played a big role in facilitating the growth of differently-abled employees like herself.

"Amena’s motivating story gives us hope for overcoming these challenging times. We salute her for chasing her dreams and making them come true," shares HCL.

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