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HCL invites data professional to inspire female ideapreneurs

HCL invites data professional to inspire female ideapreneurs

 November 16, 2020

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HCL Technologies hosted a virtual Women Connect session for its Nordic Ideapreneurs.

The company invited data professional and public speaker, Vanessa Eriksson, to share her professional journey and her personal philosophy in a session titled "If you want something, go get it."

Empowering women to be true to themselves

Through her talk, Vanessa emphasized the need for HCL ideapreneurs to be true to themselves, be clear about what they want, and trust that they have got the talent to achieve big successes.

A mother of three girls, Vanessa is passionate about driving gender diversity, supporting women in leadership, and encouraging girls into technology roles.

Advancing the careers of women

HCL Women Connect aims to engage and advance women through development programs, and advocates a gender neutral work environment by suggesting appropriate policies as well as positioning HCL as an employer of choice by women across the globe.

The group also coaches and counsels aspiring young women professionals, shares experiences on work/life priorities and includes life coach support, daycare in office premises, concierge services, and policies such as extended maternity leave, work from home, flexible careers and flexible work hours

Work for a company that inspires and motivates women 

HCL provides a range of gender equality initiatives such as Women Connect that empower women in the workplace.

Consider joining this supportive employer by finding your place at HCL.


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Disclosure: Where Women Work researches and publishes insightful evidence about how its paid member organizations support women's equality.

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