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HCL hosts graduation ceremony for Women Lead Nordics

HCL hosts graduation ceremony for Women Lead Nordics

 November 23, 2020

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HCL Technologies hosted a virtual graduation ceremony for the participants of Women Lead Nordics to celebrate their six month journey of networking, learning leadership skills, and gaining essential career insights. 

Aspiring female leadership careers 

HCL - Women Nordics

Women Lead initiative in the Nordics is one of HCL’s global diversity and inclusivity programmes designed to empower aspiring women in their leadership careers through exclusive 1:1 mentoring.

HCL's global program achieved three successful chapters in Australia prior to launching the first chapter in the Nordics. Participants from several leading enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, were helped to develop a ‘Circle of Influence’, emerging with a powerful and influential business network for aspiring women leaders to call upon once they graduate. This provides them with guidance and advice to help them shape their aspirations and strategies and support their career development and upward progression.

Learning from industry leaders

Women Nordins - HCL mentoring - Roche

Women Lead Nordics was launched at the start of 2020. Following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, participants showed great agility and willingness to move mentoring sessions, presentations, and networking events online.

In addition to learning from the experiences of the CXO-level industry leaders, the initiative instilled further commitment and necessary behaviours among the mentees required to successfully navigate towards senior positions of leadership

Industry leaders included impressive women like Egle Bronzini [pictured above], Head of Global Infrastructure and Solutions for Roche. She was a keynote speaker for a webinar with the Women Lead program participants, sharing valuable insights on 'Helping Women Leaders Take Charge of Their Careers.'

"Take risks and put yourself out there. There are some many ways where you can gain from a change - from a qualitative shift in the way of thinking, learning what you like and more. But if you never try, you will not know if you are going to get that job," encouraged Egle.

Expansion of HCL's Women Lead program announced

HCL - Arthur Filip discusses the importance of women's advancement

Arthur Filip, EVP & Global Head of Sales Transformation and Marketing for HCL welcomed the many guests on the Women Nordics graduation webinar nd spoke about the Women Lead program.

"The women lead program began five years ago with our first chapter in Australia with the objective of helping women executives reach senior leadership roles. Women Lead began the journey with a formal mentorship program where senior industry leaders mentored aspiring women leaders from across a range of organizations. Over five years, we commenced three chapters in Australia. Our Nordics chapter was launched earlier this year ... and we're excited to announce ... we're moving full steam ahead where we're going to commence the program in the United States, in Canada, across continental Europe, in some different parts of Asia, as well as in India and further additions in the Nordics, " announced Arthur.

Receive support in your career from HCL

For next-generation enterprises like HCL Technologies, such diversity and inclusivity initiatives are critical in contributing to a fairer and more prosperous future for women leaders.

Through encouraging and supporting women into leadership careers via initiatives like Women Lead, HCL takes an active role in their development.

Access support for your leadership development through securing a rewarding career with HCL.


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