Schneider Electric employee Char is an accessibility advocate

Schneider Electric employee Char is an accessibility advocate

 December 09, 2020

Schneider Electric wants its employees to feel welcomed and safe to be at their best. This drives its ambition to be the most diverse, inclusive, and equitable company globally. 

To build a diverse work environment, Schneider Electric calls for employees to act as allies and foster inclusion by better understanding of the key concepts and what people with disabilities need. 

Ensuring people with disabilities are understood at work

Schneider Electric

Char James-Tanny is a Schneider Electric employee and lifelong accessibility advocate. She has made it her mission to ensure that people with disabilities are understood and included at work. 

"Schneider Electric has started taking the necessary steps to raise awareness and engage our employees with disabilities and those who want to be allies," says Char.

For example, she cites the company's first global People with Disabilities awareness week to increase understanding and encourage employees to participate in this journey.

"We want to build a more inclusive environment for our employees with disabilities and increase the number of allies. I am so pleased to see this initiative moving forward because it means the entire company will truly embrace different," she explains.

“People with disabilities” is the largest minority group in the world and the one that everyone will join at some point, even if only temporarily. (Statistics show that on average, people spend 11% of their lives with some kind of disability, permanent or temporary.) By incorporating accessibility now, the person you might be helping is your future self," Char adds.

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Work for an inclusive employer

At Schneider Electric, diversity is an integral part of the company's history, culture, and identity. Schneider Electric is working to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are seen as real value for the company.

Thrive at a company that embraces your uniqueness by searching for a job at Schneider Electric.


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