Capgemini UK awarded Best Tech Employer for impressive success

Capgemini UK awarded Best Tech Employer for impressive success

 December 17, 2020

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Capgemini UK was delighted to be awarded Best Tech Employer for the Women in Tech Employer Awards.

In a virtual awards show, Bal Gill Head of Employee Experience & Inclusion was thrilled to accept Capgemini UK’s award for ‘Best Tech Employer’ – beating competition from Microsoft, Marks & Spencer, and Jam Software.

"I am so proud to be accepting this award for Best Tech employer at the Women in Tech Employer Awards. We know we've got more to do in this space but just really getting this recognition for our efforts tells us that we are moving in the right direction and just only motivates us to keep doing so much more," commented Bal.

Capgemini Women in Tech - awards

Capgemini's impressive support for women in technology careers 

The judges said that Capgemini UK was “a clear winner, with a really impressive entry covering flexible working, the pay gap, the board – just so impressive!”

The Women in Tech Employer Awards recognise those employers who are going above and beyond to excel in promoting gender diversity.

Closing the gender gap is essential to growing the technology sector and this award recognises Capgemini's outstanding effort to attract and retain women in the technology industry.

Forging a mindset change for inclusion

Capgemini UK formed their Active Inclusion programme back in 2016 to move the conversation beyond diversity: engaging their people in a conscious culture and mindset change for inclusion.

Gender equality is built into Capgemini UK's business strategy.

The company is committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture and supporting women’s progression at work.

The company is also working hard to boost the numbers of women in technology and inspire the next generation of women into STEM subjects and careers.

Their flexible working approach meant that their teams moved seamlessly into working from home throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Capgemini took time to listen to their people, to understand what a better normal and ways of working might look like in the future.

Join the many talented women at Capgemini UK

Capgemini jobs

Women can make a choice about where to work. 

Capgemini UK is one company that leads the rest.

The support and progressive work culture at Capgemini are second to none.  

Research all of their latest job vacancies to identify what exciting career pathway awaits you.


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