McDonalds has a strong focus on global diversity, equity & inclusion

McDonald's has a strong focus on global diversity, equity & inclusion

 January 10, 2021

McDonald's is serving up bright futures, by providing opportunity for education and skills in the communities it serves and through accelerating equity and inclusion across its business. Whether it’s providing access to local education, tuition assistance or job readiness programs – together with its Franchisees, McDonald's makes opportunity open for all.

“I’m so proud of the people who work at McDonald’s – in restaurants, in office buildings and throughout our supply chain. Their resilience, the care they show for one another and their commitment to do the right thing is inspiring. I also know it is one thing to recite our values, to write them on posters and display them in our restaurants and offices. It’s much more meaningful to intentionally live these values every day, to the best of our abilities," explains Heidi Capozzi, Executive Vice President and Global Chief People Officer at McDonald's Corporation.

"That is why we will continue to support programs and policies that are actionable and encourage accountability – from our recently announced global diversity, equity and inclusion ambition to our education assistance programs and our approach to people safety."

Learn about McDonald's four Impact Areas

Diversity, equity and inclusion

McDonald's is accelerating equity and providing opportunity.

diversity and inclusion McDonald's

Guided by its values, McDonald's is committed to being better allies, better sponsors and better leaders, helping to create a future where equality, fairness and opportunity are not just goals but the lived experience of everyone. Globally, the company is committed to representing the diverse communities in which it operates, accelerating cultures of inclusion and belonging, and dismantling barriers to economic opportunity.

Skills and education 

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McDonald's is committed to leveraging its scale to provide training and education programs to build a path forward for people that supports their goals, no matter where they are in their lives. From apprenticeship opportunities, to language and technical skill training, to support for continuing education, McDonald's is committed to helping people continue their path forward.

Respectful workplaces 


McDonald's is passionate about people and is committed to creating and fostering environments where everyone is equally supported and empowered to realize their full potential. The company recognizes that developing respectful workplaces is an ongoing process that requires continuous effort and improvement. It is committed to regularly assessing its practices and approach, in order to be more transparent and effective in supporting people.

People safety 

McDonald's health and safety

McDonald's realizes is has an enormous responsibility to keep everyone safe and healthy. The company is committed to customer and crew safety, promoting robust health and safety measures in its restaurants and helping employees make more informed decisions to support their own well-being. As the global community is faced with new and evolving safety risks, McDonald's knows that it must continue to adapt and enhance its approach. Its elevated practices are informed by guidance from health ministries in most of the countries where it operates as well as by recommendations from the World Health Organization.  

Work for a company committed to making a positive impact

Working at McDonald's means being part of a diverse and inclusive company that is committed to creating a safe and respectful workplace and offering opportunities to further the education and career of all employees.

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