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HCL Consultant Kristy: Adopting an incident manager approach

HCL Consultant Kristy: Adopting an incident manager approach

 January 10, 2021

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Kristy Marshall is Lead Client Delivery Consultant for HCL Technologies working in their Digital Workplace Business.

Kirtsy joined HCL's Digital Workplace Services podcast series where industry experts, analysts, and veterans help listeners identify, understand and prepare for the upcoming digital workplace technologies and trends.

Reacting confidently to a crisis

In her episode, Kristy explains how anyone with people management responsibilities can respond to a crisis with confidence by adopting the attitude of an incident manager.

For Kristy, the best way managers can respond in a given situation, regardless of background or experience, is to start thinking and acting as if they were an incident manager.

"We need to move away from our data management style and start thinking more like an incident manager would," explains Kirsty on the podcast episode. "Managers need to shift their thinking away from being a lovely, supportive, good manager into being an instant manager, making difficult decisions."

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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