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Arcadis aims for over 40% female workforce by 2023

Arcadis aims for over 40% female workforce by 2023

 January 13, 2021

Arcadis knows that people choose sustainable companies and that, according to Deloitte, a purpose-driven organization drives loyalty and reduces employee turnover by 25-50%.

Purpose-driven companies witness higher market share gains and grow faster than their competitors, while achieving higher employee and customer satisfaction. Today’s consumers often identify with a brand’s purpose, seeking to connect at a deeper level as a brand reciprocally aligns with who they are and who they want to be

Growth strategy for a changing world

Arcadis creates growth through acceleration of sustainable solutions.

Arcadis employees - or "Arcadians" as they are known - share a call to action: They want to better the communities they live in, and improve the quality of life for everyone they reach.

Empowered to create a more sustainable world

One of Arcadis' strategic goals is to cultivate a workforce that is diverse, inclusive, and empowered to create a more sustainable world.

The company with 38% female employees in 2019 has commtited for women in their workforce to exceed 40% by 2023.

The company states that: "We cultivate a workforce that is diverse, inclusive, and empowered to create a more sustainable world, improving quality of life in communities so that all people can thrive."

Supporting people and communities 

The goal forms part of the Arcadis Maximizing Impact growth strategy that aims to better the communities and improve the quality of life for everyone the company reaches, so all people can thrive.

Arcadis has committed to embed sustainability across everything they do and apply their wealth of expertise and skills to deliver competitive, resilient and effective solutions for their clients within planetary boundaries.

Working towards three strategic pillars

Arcadis aims to achieve their Maximizing Impact strategy through a number of strategic pillars.

  • People & Culture which includes: 
    - being a People First employer of choice
    creating an environment where all Arcadis' people can be their best
    - recruiting and retaining the workforce of the future
  • Innovation & Growth through:
    - providing integrated and sustainable solutions for Arcadis clients
    - being a digital frontrunner
    - provide local expertise with global reach
  • Focus & Performance:
    - with a focus on where Arcadis can lead
    - delivering client and project excellence
    increasing the use of Global Excellence Centres

Megatrends present a great opportunity

Peter Oosterveer, CEO Arcadis said: “We are living in rapidly evolving times – from the current pandemic and its impact on economic growth, to climate change and societal expectations to eliminate inequality – placing a stronger emphasis on our strategic choices for the next three years. The megatrends that are impacting us, our societies, and our clients, present a great opportunity for us. They translate into growing client demand and Arcadis has the capabilities, the people, and the experience to fulfill these needs."

"Our new strategy sets us on the course to maximize our impact by developing resilient and future-proof solutions. In the past three years our focus has been on strengthening the foundation and creating the springboard from which we can further accelerate our strategic direction. We will build on our strong heritage of specialized engineering & consultancy expertise in Environment, Water, Infrastructure, and Buildings to meet the growing client demand. Sustainability is in our DNA and will be an integral part of all client solutions. We will further leverage the global scale of our expertise by consolidating in three business areas: Resilience, Places and Mobility that offer the solutions that societies demand to create a sustainable future," he added.

"We will support our people with further upskilling and enable them to expand on the delivery of digitalized services and products building on Arcadis GEN, our digital incubator. The combination of expected demand growth, our very solid foundation and heritage, and evolving digital capabilities has allowed us to increase our guidance and has resulted in a set of realistic financial targets ...”

Read more about their full strategy here.

Be part of a diverse and inclusive future at Arcadis

A strong focus on its people and wider communities creates a welcoming workplace environment at Arcadis where employee wellbeing and success are a priority.

Find your place at Arcadis by searching for an exciting job with this prime employer.


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