Beam Suntory women executives are driving innovation

Beam Suntory women executives are driving innovation

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Beam Suntory has created a workplace culture where women leaders can thrive.

The company's female leaders are passionate, driven, and diverse - and take an entrepreneurial approach to all they do.

Meet Beam Suntory's impressive women leaders and learn why they enjoy working for the company.

Meet Victoria Russell, Beam Suntory Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Beam Suntory - Victoria Russell - diversity

Victoria is part of the company’s Senior Leadership Team and leads diversity and inclusion across talent acquisition, career development and employee retention, marketing, community relations, and building organizational capability to better recognize bias and further drive inclusive mindset. She also supports the development of diversity guidelines for the company’s supplier base and works directly with Employee Impact Groups and leaders across the business. 

Appointed in November 2020 to the newly created Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer role, Victoria said: “I am thrilled to be joining Beam Suntory at this critical moment for businesses, and for our society. "Beam Suntory's leaders understand both the economic and equitable benefits to fully embracing inclusivity as a strategic imperative, not just for our organization, but for our industry and society at large. I am honored to bring stewardship to this evolving journey."

Meet Paula Erikson, Beam Suntory Senior Vice President and Chief HR Officer 

"When you work here, you're working on behalf of brands that have been around for generations. We've been around for 225 years, but in so many ways we're like a start-up. We're a company that thrives on change and transformation," explains Paula.

"We have the best talent in this company. Employees that do their best and are very entrepreneurial. People who like empowerment, who like to get on with things and go. People who are creative. People who can develop innovative solutions. We've got a competitive spirit, there's a little bit of an edge to us. We're an organization where you can really grow your career and you can become the very best individual that you want to be."

Meet Jessica Spence, Beam Suntory President of Brands

Beam Suntory Jessica Spence

Jessica leads end-to-end the brand strategy, development and performance, including P&L accountability, for Beam Suntory’s global iconic brands of Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Courvoisier and more.

She is also responsible for global innovation, research and development, as well as the global expansion of the ready-to-drink category.

Jessica works closely with the region presidents and chief supply chain officer to drive the company’s long-term global premiumization agenda.

Meet Heather Daines, Beam Suntory Director, Ready-to-Drink & Flavored Spirits Research & Development

"I just love working on innovation and trying to come up with what's going to be that next big trend," says Heather.

"Any time I get to go home and tell my husband I had a hand in creating a new product and then we get to go to the liquor store and actually see it on shelf, it's always the highlight."

Meet Rocio Del Carpio, Beam Suntory Senior HR Director for EMEA

“I’m privileged in the work that I do because I look after a large region, and with that comes different geographies, cultures, perspectives – and I think I feel very much at home trying to discover and help people tell me their stories.”

Meet Aoife Clarke, Beam Suntory Senior Director of Public Affairs

"The most favorite aspect of my job would be the fact that I get to work with absolutely everybody from all parts of this wonderful organisation, which makes my job incredibly interesting incredibly varied and incredibly fun," comments Aoife.

"As part of my role I interact with different governments throughout the world, mainly through our embassies the US and UK embassies and the Irish Embassy. It's a very influential network and it's one that we work very hard to build relationships with," she adds.

"I sit with the rest of the big players on a global stage and I'm able to contribute input and really influence and change decisions - that's really powerful, and that's what I love."

Meet Mercedes Hill, Beam Suntory Associate General Counsel

"My favorite part of the job is being able to collaborate with my business colleagues from a business and a legal perspective and come up with solutions that help solve problems that impact the business and impact where the business is going," says Mercedes.

"I would describe the culture as very entrepreneurial it's exciting to be at a place that can respond quickly to things and that really allows people to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities and to innovate around it and to really do something great for the company without restraint."

Meet Jane Bowie, Beam Suntory Director, Private Select, Heritage & Dipomat Programs

"I think what makes my job unique here is I work here in an operational facility at the distillery every day but I also get to work with our corporate team in Chicago on brand strategy and the commercial realities of the business. Not many people get to bridge the gap between those two areas," suggests Jane.

Meet Heather Boyd, Beam Suntory Managing Director, US Ready-To-Drink

Heath Boyd Beam Suntory

In her role, Heather leads Beam Suntory’s Ready-To-Drink (RTD) business in the US and continues to build the company’s RTD capabilities and offerings. She previously served as Chief Product & Innovation Officer at Acreage Holdings, where she led a cross-functional product team across category management, sales, business intelligence, product and packaging development and R&D, and established the company’s wholesale business. Prior to Acreage Holdings, Heather served in marketing and commercial roles of increasing responsibility at Diageo.

Commencing the role in January 2021, Heather said: “I’m thrilled to be joining Beam Suntory and supporting its ambition to become the leader in the RTD-spirits market, particularly as demand for premium, pre-mixed cocktails grow at an exponential rate," said Boyd. “Beam Suntory's many years of global RTD experience, combined with its depth and breadth of premium, world-renowned brands, will allow us to pave the way forward in this exciting space.”

Providing growth opportunities for women leaders

Beam Suntory is a proud partner of the Network of Executive Women (NEW).

The partnership furthers the company's commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and investing in its people by providing opportunities for them to expand their networks, learn and grow.

Beam Suntory has over 200 members across the US and Canada who participate in regional events and collaborate on various learning opportunities.

Work alongside impressive women leaders

Beam Suntory has plenty of role models and support systems in place to inspire women to pursue leadership careers at the company and in the industry at large.

Lead innovation and impact by searching for an exciting and challenging job with Beam Suntory.


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