Launch a career through Lockheed Martins graduate programme

Launch a career through Lockheed Martin's graduate programme

Join Lockheed Martin as a graduate and be part of a great team working on exciting projects making a real difference from day one.

You along with rest of your Early Careers cohort will follow the company's two-year carefully planned Graduate Programme cycle. When Lockheed Martin sees someone with real talent, the company moves quickly to determine how you can shape your future with them.

The purpose of this programme is to help you thrive in a business environment. Whether you choose a technical or leadership pathway, it is about maximising your individuality and individual capabilities.

What to expect from a Lockheed Martin graduate programme

At the start, network and get to know the rest of your cohort and Lockheed Martin as a business at your Graduate Induction. You will be taken on a tour of the sites to give you a flavour of the company.

Lockheed Martin can also equip you with skills to help manage your time and priorities to allow you to get the best out of your day to achieve your goals and targets.

Innovation Day is an opportunity for you to solve real business challenges with innovative ideas using what you have learnt in the programme so far.

Finnaly, Lockheed Martin's Graduation Event will see you presenting your innovative ideas to the senior leadership team whilst most importantly celebrating your hard work and success.

How to apply for Lockheed Martin graduate positions

Lockheed Martin graduates

Lockheed Martin is looking people who have a degree in the following areas: mathematics, physics, computer science, computer and information security, cyber security, systems engineering, software engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, finance or business studies.

If your application is selected and successful, you will be invited to an assessment day or interview at one of Lockheed Martin's UK facilities. The assessment day may include presentations from the business, interviews, tours, group activities and presenting.

If selected from the assessment day you will receive a written offer to join the Lockheed Martin team and your on boarding process will start from here.

Meet Amanda Connelly 

While going to school full-time, Amanda participated in Lockheed Martin’s college working experience program to gain the practical experience she needed to begin her career in engineering.

After graduating from college, she joined Lockheed Martin as an engineering leadership development program associate and was able to pursue a master’s in industrial engineering while still working full-time.

Just like Amanda, Lockheed Martin never forgets who we’re working for, and providing career learning programs that allow participants to connect theory to practice and get the experience they need to have a successful career in aerospace and defense.

See success in your early careers journey at Lockheed Martin

From green energy to aerospace, there are so many ways you can make a difference with Lockheed Martin.

Find out more about why people enjoy working for the company and then keep any eye out for the company's latest graduate positions.


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