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Eaton awarded for its innovative approach to college recruiting

Eaton awarded for its innovative approach to college recruiting

 January 19, 2021

Eaton has been named as a Campus Forward Honoree for its innovative approach to college recruiting.

Eaton was awarded by RippleMatch, a leading college recruitment platform celebrating companies that, through determination, creativity and flexibility, supported the next generation of talent in an unprecedented year made challenging by COVID-19.

"Congratulations to Eaton for their accomplishments this past year. RippleMatch is proud to recognize Eaton in our Campus Forward Awards for their commitment toward the next generation of talent,"  stated RippleMatch.

Adapting current offerings to suit the changing climate

Eaton was selected for its outstanding commitment to early career talent through its internship program, its approach to virtual recruitment, its candidate experience, and its focus on diversity and inclusion.

Eaton offered a virtual internship and recruiting process with the use of new technologies and events. The company developed a new internship program, The Internship Learning Series, which featured offerings from Eaton leaders in the form of recorded videos. 

Interns also had access to a six-week agenda where they learned about communication, culture, and innovation.

These new additions to Eaton's internship program led to the company's highest intern-to-full-time offer acceptance ratio to date of 97%. 

Eaton's university relations team mimicked an on-campus recruiting season through virtual information sessions for students at their target universities. They also organized virtual events such as interview and resume workshops, and “A Day in the Life” event featuring Eaton engineers.

Eaton's Campus Managers that act as a point of contact for all candidates were also highly praised. Campus Managers introduce candidates to the program managers and coordinates scheduling, to ease the candidate through the process of receiving an offer and offering support in a challenging time.

Eaton Campus Managers partnered with diverse student organizations. They worked with each group's leadership team to choose the most impactful topics for their students. Eaton's employee resource groups also helped organise virtual events for students about Eaton's culture.  

Eaton is also a partner of many national diversity conferences like NBMBAA, SHPE, SWE, and NSBE, where they take part in career fairs, presentations, and workshops.

Start your early career journey at Eaton

Looking for your first job after college or university? 

Eaton is a top employer for early career talent. 

Find out more about how Eaton supports early career talent and then search and apply for a job at the company.


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