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HCL Senior VP discusses workplace diversity in podcast

HCL Senior VP discusses workplace diversity in podcast

 February 10, 2021

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HCL's ideapreneurship podcast series offers insights about Brand HCL and the company's employee-led innovative and inclusive ideapreneurship culture as industry experts help identify, understand, and prepare for future technology trends.

In its inaugural episode, industry expert Ajay Nair, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at HCL, answers questions about the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce as part of the first fireside chat session for HCL's Women Connect Cluster one.

Ajay gives his personal view of how he feels about the Women Connect initiative, which aims to engage and advance women through development programs, and what it means to him.

Placing value of the feeling of belonging

For Ajay, diversity is not just about gender, but also incorporates other factors like religion, race, sexuality and ethnicity. 

"When you have this whole diverse mix within your own organization, it becomes very important to have an inclusive workforce and where everyone has a voice and the freedom to be who they are. And because of this they are treated fairly and given equal opportunities," he explains.

"I think it is all about, as I say, within the HR world, I think there is a big initiative which right now I'm hearing and reading, it’s all about diversity, inclusion and belongingness and I think it's belongingness that makes each individual feel accepted for who they are and it's very important to understand that."

Inspiring the next generation and creating a diverse workforce

Ajay outlines ways in which HCL has been driving diversity and inclusion within the organization.

For example, HCL has been inspiring and engaging the next generation of ideapreneurs, from primary school to secondary schools and universities.

"Look at the work that is been done by the HCL Foundation, the Vidya Gyan, the Shiv Nadar University - we are creating a workforce today where we have boys and girls being provided equal opportunities to grow themselves up and come up the ladder to make themselves available to be a part of the workforce worldwide- that is a great initiative and that's number one," he adds.

Support programs for women at HCL

Once a woman joins the workforce at HCL, Ajay cites the many structured programs like ASCEND and Stepping Stones that help women to embrace and build their future and grow their careers.

"It is a change of mindset that needs to happen and the change of thought process that needs to happen. And last but not the least, it is important, while you are encouraging people to do, to give credit where it is due, making sure that the people are seen, heard, and valued. I think that is very important to happen," he adds.

"Let's make our workforce a truly diversified and inclusive workforce for HCL."

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

Thrive in an inclusive and supportive workplace at HCL

Through various initiatives such as Women Connect, female employees at HCL feel supported in achieving their career goals - particularly from leaders such as Ajay.

Seize your opportunity to work in an inclusive culture.


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