Louise joined Medtronic Pride as an ally to forge justice and equality

Louise joined Medtronic Pride as an ally to forge justice and equality

 February 11, 2021

"I joined Pride EMEA as an ally because I visibly want to be FOR something," says Dr Louise Blume, Program Manager at Medtronic

Medtronic Employee Resource Groups, such as Pride EMEA build solid cross-company relationships, connecting you with career knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

Ending injustice and creating equality

Members of Employee Resource Groups can network with people, join and lead teams, and attend career development events.

"Being against homophobia is not enough. Together we have the opportunity at Medtronic to act with and for each other to end injustice and create equality. Be who you are! Happy to be part of that," adds Louise.

Ensuring voices of the community are heard

In the United States, Medtronic Employee Resource Groups include its African Descent Network, Asian Descent Network and Hispanic Descent Network.

The PRIDE network and the Medtronic Women’s Network are global communities. 

These networks are critical to ensuring the voice of the community is heard. The groups work closely with senior leaders and HR personnel to create programs that help further the advancement of diverse employees.

Professional and personal support from Medtronic's Employee Resource Groups

It is through strong diversity, inclusion and engagement that Medtronic can remain a leader in medical technology and solutions. And by embracing everything its employees have to offer — unique perspectives, talents and contributions — the company can live up to the promise of its Mission.

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